Something creative went down at Fort Mason in San Francisco this past weekend, and it’s called Re:Make! Have no fear if you couldn’t make it out to our two-day conference this year (sad faces are being sent your way) — we’ve got you covered with all the insider info your heart wants, needs and desires to keep the FOMO fears at bay. Throughout Friday’s summit, we saw a handful of demos from cutting-edge companies that will be transforming the way we all live in the future. From a 3D fabric printer to a drone camera, the way we go about our day-to-day will be getting upgrades sooner than we think, because, you know, the future is now (at least, it is on the Re:Make stage ;)

remake 2015

Check out 9 companies that showed off their innovative products at this year’s Re:Make, then make sure you’ve got enough money in the bank because you’re gonna want to snatch ’em all up to live a smarter life immediately.


1. Electroloom: We’ve rapidly gotten used to 3D printers producing all kinds of things, from basic objects to foods, but what about 3D printed clothing?! That’s what this company’s mission is. Founded by Aaron Rowley, his device is capable of producing movable, breathable and seamless garments — like a tank top or an A-line skirt — directly from the comfort of your own home. Who knew all you needed was a smart product like this one to become a cutting-edge fashion designer?

shoes of prey

2. Shoes of Prey: The right sensible heel or flawless flat for your style isn’t elusive anymore: feel like a modern day Cinderella by picking out the shoe(s) that best fit your style. With 12 shoe shapes and more than 170 fabric and color options online and in various retail stores internationally, the opportunity to customize your shoe game is endless, so make sure to clear some room for the numerous pairs you’re sure to design for yourself.

little lotus

3. Little Lotus: If you’ve got a tiny wiggler who struggles to fall asleep in their crib all night long, then this swaddling blanket is a must-have for everyone else in the house to get some shut eye. Designed using NASA-grade technology, this smart insulated swaddle ensures your lil’ one stays at the right temp all night long by adjusting to their sensitive body temperature. The blanket’s fabric will release heat when your baby’s temperature rises and it will draw in heat when their own body temp cools, and, better yet, with every sale of a Little Lotus blanket, a similar product will be sent to a developing country to save the life of another baby. We totally want one in our size, you?

lily robotics

4. Lily Robotics: Always dreamed about a GoPro that can fly? This drone will be on your wish list for sure. Created by a 23-year-old, this drone is an essential for every explorer out there as it’s small enough to fit in a backpack and waterproof for withstanding all the elements. Soon, you may never remember what life was like without having a flying companion capturing aerial photos and videos of your days.


5. Dresr: Former orthopedic surgeon turned shoe designer Taryn Rose has created the perfect heel that combines comfort with high (heel)-fashion. Using innovative engineering, after sliding on her 5-inch heels, you’ll be able to wear them (without the need to slide them off) all day, every day without any pain whatsoever. Yep, this is indeed real life.

june oven smartthings hersheys cocojet

6. Hershey’s CocoJet 3D Printer: No, you aren’t dreaming… there is a 3D printer that produces chocolate. This genius device pumps out milk, white and dark chocolate creations at the push of a button. Snag one of these machines for yourself and you’ll be feeling like you’ve got your very own Hershey factory at your home.

7. June Oven: What if you had an oven that automatically detected what food you put into it and knew how to cook it to perfection with no work or stress coming from you? That’s what this innovative smart oven does. Cookies will never be burned again and meat will be baked to juicy precision with the touch of a button, allowing you to get other tasks accomplished — like setting the table ;)

8. SmartThings: This company makes transforming your home into a smart one a simple and efficient route. After setting up a hub you’re able to monitor, control and secure your home from anywhere you are in the world with customization at every step of the way. With a variety of products from lights to sensors, you can establish a smarter home that suits your personality and making it cater to your varying needs. The smart home is *now*.

the o watch


: Get your kids into programming early by offering them the tools to build their own customizable smartwatch. This kit, created by 8-year-old Omkar, allows users to DIY a smartwatch with various 3D printed cases and colorful straps while also making hands-on programming accessible. A young entrepreneur motivating his mini peers into a STEM state of mind by making a stylish and smart accessory? Impressive.

Which of these innovative products do you want most in your life? Let us know in the comments.

(Photos via Lindsey Freitas/BellaLu Photography)