Taryn Rose is a total powerhouse. She began her career as an orthopedic surgeon in the high trauma center of the Los Angeles County + USC Medical Center, where she witnessed firsthand how the wrong shoes can cause serious (and sometimes permanent) damage to one’s feet. From there, she had a lightbulb moment and created her own comfort-meets-fashion shoe line, Taryn Rose. Her smart idea, backed by what she learned throughout her experiences in medicine, began in her garage but has grown to a $40M-dollar biz, NBD. She’s made a name for herself from the ground up ;) More recently, Taryn satisfied her entrepreneurial mind by creating a new ecommerce destination called DRESR where she serves as founder and CEO. We *can’t wait* to hear what she (and others!) has to share with us at Re:Make — which is comin’ up in less than two weeks! Until then, here’s a peek into Taryn’s day-to-day routine, how she finds creativity in her life and what inspires her to keep creating.

This Is How I Start My Day:

When I’m in Italy: We head to La Terraza next to our house overlooking the Adriatic Sea for a typical Italian breakfast of cappuccino and a pastry. Roberto, the owner, has adapted and hands me a larger version of his cappuccino in a to-go cup. Then we head to one of the factories to check on production and go to our “Wing Lab” to check on the production of our technology for DRESR. There is a lot of running around since there are over 200 pieces for every shoe.

When I’m in LA: I head to the gym after getting my kids off to school because I’ve put on weight in Italy. That takes up my full hour LOL.

Here’s a photo that fits the caption #IAmCreative:

You can be creative anywhere — even in gridlock! This is a photo of our ballerina shoe to be released next year (sent while I’m stuck in traffic).

What inspires you and where do you go to find it?

Traveling is always inspiring with new fashion, architecture and sceneries to give you a fresh lens. I love particularly the Aman resorts, Paris, Rome, Vietnam, Bali and Kenya. I still need to find my way to Egypt, Morocco, Greece, Turkey and Bhutan. However, I always have someone next to me that is most inspiring, my partner in life and business, Enrico Cuini.

What advice would you give an intern on the first day at their dream job?

Love what you do so much that you would do it for free (actually, if you are an intern, you are probably doing it for free). I would say that it’s more important to create a dream life rather than get a dream job.

What inspires you and where do you find it?

I relax and try not to force it. That could mean going to the gym, taking a bath, going for a walk or swim. The key is to turn off distractions and pay attention to your body and soul.

What apps do you use daily?

Evernote saves me all the time including when all my devices got stolen. Unfortunately “Find My iPhone” wasn’t so great.

Who is your favorite maker or someone who’s up-and-coming doing something really cool in your field?

I think Gianvito Rossi shoes are beautiful but I don’t follow what others are doing in shoes as much as what people are doing in other fields. I just watched a video of my favorite chef in Milan at Tanno Passami L’Olio where he made a transparent ravioli with scotch whiskey and scallops. It was artful and I’m sure delicious if it comes from his kitchen.

What is the last thing you made that you were really excited about?

I made a birthday card using sea shells I found in front of our house on the beach. I used Fabriano paper (they have been making paper since 1495). There’s no such thing as a Hallmark store in Italy. I also make mistakes all the time that I get excited about because I learn from them.

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(Photo via Marsaili McGrath/Getty; featured photo via Stephen Shugerman/Getty)