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Scroll through the Instagram #fitspo tag and you’ll be bombarded with images of thigh gaps, tanned white girls, and impossibly toned hourglass figures.

Dominican-American personal trainer Massy Arias, also known as MankoFit, is bringing a lot more diversity to this scene with her thick thighs, tattoos, and body positive messages. Maybe it’s because the 28-year-old came to fitness from an unconventional route — one that social media is now making possible.

Arias began working out to help fight her chronic depression and posted online about the process as a way to keep herself accountable. Eventually, she put up a photo of her newly toned abs, which earned her lots of attention and a ton of new followers.

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Oh hey there, it's been a while since I've posted a gym selfie. Muscle finally coming back and I'm feeling strong. If you are wondering I'm doing no traditional methods of cardio. Just heavy lifts, HIIT, and mobility training. I'll post a clip from my leg day session today because it was killer! Ladies, my cute little outfit from #c9attarget . I'm feeling these basketball shorts so much I'm going to be wearing them all summer! Currently standing at 5'8 1/2 " 151lbs (weight has never been how I measure my progress and neither should be how you measure yours. Focus on how you feel and how you look in the mirror). I've been only focusing on my performance. The harder I train, the more my body keeps responding. Happy Thursday Fam. WWW.MASSYARIAS.COM #ma30day #anewkindofstrong #childofgod _____________________________________________________________ Feliz jueves mi gente! Tenía tanto tiempo que no publicaba un selfie en el gym. Mi músculo ya comienza a repararse y veo mi imposición corporal en mejores condiciones cada semana. Si me preguntan yo no he hecho cardio prolongado. Solo me he enfocado en levantar pesado, entrenamiento de alta intensidad que es una forma de cardio pero que ayuda a construir músculo, y trabajo de movilidad. Ahora mismo peso 151lbs (mi peso nunca ha sido la unidad que mide mi progreso y nunca debería ser la de ustedes tampoco. Enfóquense en cómo se sienten y cómo se ven en frente del espejo). Mientras más salgo de mi zona de comfort, más mi cuerpo responde a dar cambios positivos. Buena vibra mi gente! Los amo! #hijadecristo

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Motivated by this feedback, Arias got certified as a personal trainer, and with the help of Instagram, her empire rapidly grew. Her popularity spawned 30-day meal and workout plans available on her website, where a paying community clamors for her advice.

She now posts short workout videos about three times a week to her Instagram that use minimal props and relatively simple moves, with commentary in both English and Spanish. She also works with brands like Listerine and Target to promote products to her 2.2 million Instagram followers.

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Okay so here it is, 9 days #postpartum. Recovering and eating as best as I can with enough caloric surplus for milk supply. I've been counting my macros and using my 8-week macro friendly program which is available on my website (click link in my bio). You saw how active I was during my pregnancy and how well I ate. I had a natura labor with no complications (thank God and to this lifestyle). I am still practicing what I believe in : food is medicine and I don't deprive myself from any food groups. I just EAT WHOLE AND EAT WELL. Mantain my protein intake high to support muscle (thank you @trusupplements for that amazing plant based protein. That was my life savior and still is). I drink about a gallon of fluids (mostly water). With the macro calculator on my program I've hit "mantain" with no exercise (of course). And apply 600-800 extra calories to support my milk supply. It's amazing what you can do when you know specifically what to eat. I do miss movement but first, I have to heal properly. THIS POST ISN'T INTENDED TO SET ANY EXPECTATIONS OR TO BE NEGATIVE. WE HAVE ALL DIFFERENT JOURNEYS. I LOVE YOU GUYS WWW.MASSYARIAS.COM _____________________________________________________________ 9 días #postparto Recuperandome y comiendo lo mejor que pueda con surplus calórico para el suministro de leche. He estado contando mis macronutrientes y usando mi programa de 8 semanas que calcula tus macros que está disponible en mi paguina (haga clic en el enlace en mi bio no aún en español ). Todos ustedes vieron mi actividad y mi nutrición durante mi embarazo. Practico lo que creo: la comida es medicina y no me privo de cualquier grupo de alimentos. Mantengo mi % de proteína alto para mantener mi masa muscular lo más que pueda (gracias @trusupplements por esa increíble proteína a base de plantas, que fue mi salvación antes y durante mi embarazo. Bebo alrededor de un galón de líquidos (principalmente agua). CADA MUJER ES DIFERENTE ! ESTA PUBLICACIÓN NO ESTÁ DESTINADA A ESTABLECER EXPECTATIVAS PARA NINGUNA MUJER, NI SER NEGATIVA. TENEMOS DIFERENTES JORNADAS Y COMIENZOS. NO SE LES OLVIDE. LAS AMO!

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As much as social media is called-out for being vapid and cliched, it also gives different voices the chance to gain a platform. And while Arias might be killing it as a fitness entrepreneur thanks to Instagram, she’s also trying to expand our idea of what a fit woman looks like.

“Skinny? Gotta gain weight because no one likes bones. Chubby? Eat healthy! … We, women, are constantly shamed for everything so we, as well, might do whatever we want,” is written over an image of Arias on Instagram looking toned but also impossibly strong — no wasp waists or thigh gaps in sight.

And since becoming a mom, she’s working harder than ever to change the conversation about women’s bodies.

“First and foremost I think so many people only focus on the ‘SnapBack’ factor of the postpartum process post pregnancy, but don’t even pay mind to a woman’s internal recovery, mental recovery, and how her body is able to reconnect itself after being completely thrown out of proportion,” Arias says on Instagram.

Arias is now incorporating her young daughter into her routines by lifting the baby carrier like weights and dancing for her. One thing’s definitely the same — her infectious energy, positivity, and goofy personality. But Arias wants people to understand that there’s more to her, and to feeling fit, than the picture-perfect moments captured on her social media.

“Don’t ask me how my body is looking after going through a marathon! Ask me how I’m feeling!” says Arias in another Instagram post.

#anewkindofstrong? That’s what this movement is all about.

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