Apple’s iPhone battery life has been a sore point for most users for a while now. If you’ve upgraded your phone to the latest iteration of iPhone, you’ve probably have been noticing a pretty peculiar glitch: you’re five hours into Candy Crush (some people like the game so much, they wear Candy Crush perfume) and your phone is still is at 98 percent. You know that can’t possibly be right. Either Apple’s iPhone 6S battery is literally the best in the world (jokes!) or your phone isn’t reflecting the accurate amount of juice you’ve got left. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but it’s the latter and here’s the temporary fix.


Most people who have experienced this glitch have noticed that it happens if they have ever manually updated their date or time in Settings. Apple recommends that you first restart you phone, then go to Settings > Date & Time and making sure “Set Automatically” is toggled to “on.”

Unfortunately, this is currently just a temporary fix. According to the tech giant, they are “aware of this issue and is investigating the cause and a solution.” The folks at Apple Insider report the issue has been happening since as early as last September when the 6S first dropped.

Get it together, Apple.

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