Have you switched up your ringtones so many times that the generic iPhone beats just aren’t doing it for you anymore? We hear you, and we’ve been looking for something new, too. But the search is now over, and what we’ve found is unlike any rhythm or jam to have ever blasted through our speakers… this ringtone is scented!

iScent by Qblinks is a Bluetooth atomizer that lets you create a scented mist as your ringtone or music. Based on the idea of the ancient Chinese Wolf Tower, which was used to alert soldiers of attackers, the iScent creates a modern version of a smoke signal to notify you of updates, texts, notifications and calls on your phone. Simply mix water with your favorite essential oil, and iScent will atomize the liquid to create a safe and sniff-worthy alert. Sweet!

The device pairs with the iScent iPhone app and allows you to choose which programs you want to trigger a scent release. Compatible apps include Messages, Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, Calendar, Skype and more. The castle-shaped atomizer prototype was created using a 3D printer (our fave!), into which a rough circuit was installed in order to connect with the iPhone via Bluetooth.

The iScent is currently going through crowdfunding stages on Kickstarter with the ultimate goal of $33,000. Although the campaign has only raised about $1,500 so far, it’s not over until October 3rd. So, basically, there’s still plenty of time for you to make your donation to help this modern, innovative ringtone alternative come to life. While the campaign accepts pledges of any amount, a donation of $35 will snag you an iScent at early bird special pricing. Donations of $120 or more will guarantee you an iScent in all three of its available colors (white, grey and brown). If all goes well, Qblinks hopes to ship out the atomizers in December, just in time for a seriously scented holiday.

To learn more about this crazy cool innovation, check out the video below:

What scent would you set your ringtone to? Share your thoughts on this scented gadget in the comments below!