It’s almost Friday/the long weekend! But it’s not yet :( so you’re going to need something to get you through the day until it is, or at least until it’s time for Happy Hour with your coworkers tonight. We have an idea: a new jam. Specifically, the lamest thing you’ve ever heard turned into the coolest, danciest thing you’ve ever heard.

You know the iPhone ringtone that everyone has but no one wants? Yes, the one you’re singing in your head right now “Do do do doodle do do do. Do.”!! DJ (maybe not a real DJ, unconfirmed, but that’s what we’re calling him) “MetroGnome” turned it into an Avicii-approved dance party anthem that will have you pumping your fist upon the initial bass drop. Using a synthesizer, an electric gee-tar and featuring special guest, your girl Siri, the ringtone you replaced a long time ago is transformed into a 3-minute long electronic jam. Listen below:

You’re dancing right now, right?? We’re all for this new take on upcycling — you can download the remix here to make it your own meta ringer. Also, DJ MetroGnome, do you do parties?

What was your favorite viral video this week? Leave us some distractions, we mean, inspirations below!

(h/t: Design Taxi)