Just in case we needed a reminder that Jessica Chastain rules IRL as much as she does on the red carpet, this past weekend, she took a page from Amal Clooney鈥檚 book and used her fame for a good cause. The actress mobilized her fan base to help locate her grandmother鈥檚 stolen dog Livvy, who had gone missing from a Vallejo, California McDonald鈥檚 a few days prior. Jessica pleaded via Instagram, 鈥淔or those of you who love animals, you must understand how devastated my grandma is. Please help.鈥 Luckily, this story has a happy ending 鈥 and Jessica says it鈥檚 all thanks to her fans.

grandmother dog

鈥淟ivvy is FOUND!!!!! My grandma picked her up a couple hours ago,鈥 reads the caption on the adorable-beyond-words photo. 鈥淭hank you to each and every one of you that spread the word and put attention on this. I truly believe you all are the the guardian angels that reunited these two beauties. Much love to you xxjess #love #gratitude鈥

zookeeper's wife

Jessica herself has a deep love for her pets, often posting pictures of herself and her canine and feline companions. Recently, we鈥檝e even gotten glimpses of some wilder varieties of animals from the set of her upcoming movie The Zookeeper鈥檚 Wife. Not to mention, her Instagram bio reads: 鈥淔riend of animals everywhere!鈥 Sounds about right.

Aww, we鈥檙e glad Livvy has been found.

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(Photos via @chastainiac and Jason Merritt/Getty)