Most of us have a travel story or two about delayed or canceled flights leaving us hunkering down in the airport in any sorta private, kinda comfortable spot we can find. JetBlue has heard our sleepy outcry at this traveling travesty (and knows we’re currently scheduling our summer travel plans). The airline wants to make things as cozy as possible when we require a few moments of rest before we hit the skies, which is why they’ve introduced nap pods.

JetBlue Napping Pods

Currently installed at JFK’s Terminal 5, the nap pods are in fact MetroNap Energy Pods. Basically, super comfortable lounging chairs with an egg-like pod that surrounds your upper body, these genius creations offer “an ergonomically perfect, gravity-neutral position that optimizes circulation and encourages a reinvigorating, restful siesta,” as well as “soothing music” in case you have trouble blocking out the noise around you.

Also giving you space to store your carry-on items while you rest, the pods are meant for quick 20-minute re-energizing naps. Once it’s time to get up and moving again, you’ll be awoken by an alarm that is “a combination of lights, music and vibrations.”

Check out the napping pods in action, tweeted by @TravelPulse

With this option seeming more reasonable than travelers sprawled out all over the airport seats and floors or wherever else they can find a spot, hopefully we’ll be seeing more nap pods in the future.

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(h/t Thrillist, Photos via MetroNaps, Featured Photo via Getty)