Katie Couric and I rocked out this morning with 3 of my favorite music apps. Here they are:


1. Shazam: This app lets you discover new music just by listening to anything playing around you. The app will tell you the song, artist, and album of whatever’s playing. You can even buy the song right from the app if you just need it in your library. No more Googling song lyrics while jamming at the bar or riding shotgun in your friend’s car.


2. Spotify: I use this basically all day every day. Spotify has a crazy huge music library and you can listen on your computer or on-the-go. Create killer playlists, listen to personalized radio stations, or check out what your friends are listening to by connecting to Facebook.

3. Zippo Lighter App: If you’re not a smoker, you probably don’t carry around a lighter. While definitely good for your health, not so good when you’re trying to get into the concert-going spirit! This app lets you design a custom lighter on your phone and then go ahead and sway with the music. Free Bird!

What music-related apps are on your must-download list? Let me know in the comments below or share them over on Facebook.