So you’ve got the braiding basics down and are no stranger to a quick five-minute French ‘do, but it’s time to take braiding to a whole new level, Hunger Games style — as in the completely epic braid Katniss rocks while she’s kicking ass in the trilogy. To celebrate one of the most badass braids around — seriously, it might be reason enough to go see The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 — we’ve rounded up the most awesome + intricate braids we could find. Scroll through these 14 next-level braids the next time you want to channel your inner Katniss.


1. Katniss-Inspired Boho Crown Braid: Give Katniss a run for her money with this truly next-level braid. This style will leave you rocking a stunning crown braid that cascades into a loose, side-swept braid. Bonus: It’ll keep your hair out of your face while you’re busy saving the world from President Snow. (Photo via Brit + Co)


2. Seashell Braid: All eyes will be on your beautiful head of hair when you’re sporting this braid. Rock it at a wedding or cocktail function and have everyone oohing and ahhing. (Photo via Fashion Enzyme)


3. Zig Zag Fishtail: Amp up the usual fishtail braid by diverting the pattern into a zig zag formation for a super textured and awesome braid. (Photo via Beautylish)


4. Renaissance Inspired: This braid requires some seriously nimble fingers and artistic vision. Good luck out there, friends. (Photo via HairCutWeb)


5. Waterfall Mermaid Braid: Don’t be afraid of this braid — it comes with a tutorial! (No promises on the results though). Try your hand at this braid and you’re ready to join Ariel and her finned friends. (via Hair Romance)


6. Helmet Braid: Umm, how cool is this? Guaranteed you won’t run into anyone else at your holiday party with a braid this rad. (Photo via Hair Bauhaus)


7. Spiral Lace Braid: It’s actually dizzying how impressive this piled-up braid is. Detail game strong. (via @braids_by_esra)


8. Five Strand Dutch: Oh, boy. We hope your fingers are warmed up, because this ‘do calls for some serious weaving. (via Twist Me Pretty)


9. The Lace Rose: Elegance to the extreme. A half udpo like this would look so beautiful and romantic with a lacy or pastel dress on your next date night with your boo. (via Design Every Day)


10. Caged Fishtail: Clear out some time in your schedule — you’re gonna need to settle in to get this intricate braided beauty down. (via @aurorabraids)


11. Bow Crown: This braid is downright regal. If you think you’ve got the plaiting prowess to get it done, you’ll definitely feel like royalty. (Photo via Cosmopolitan Germany)


12. Celtic Braid: This. Braid. What kind of hair magic even goes into achieving this? All we can say is WOW. (Photo via Trendvee)


13. Inception Braid: As it turns out, a braid within a braid just ends up making another stunning and incredible braid of our dreams. Sigh. (Photo via WWD)


14. Heart Braid: Aspire to braid greatness (and peak charm) with this lovely style. Pair it with an oxblood or pastel pink party dress for Valentine’s Day or a wedding look. (via Hair Romance)

Which of these beautiful styles is fueling your braidspo? Tell us your fave in the comments!