If you DIYed your way through stacks of valentines cards and celebrated Galentine’s Day the Leslie Knope way, you’re the type of person who loves to show your friends and S.O. how much you care in February. Even though Valentine’s Day has come and gone, there are still plenty of ways to perform acts of kindness all year long. Here are six tips for celebrating your relationship with someone special every day.

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1. Plan another unforgettable date night. One of the best parts about being in a relationship on Valentine’s Day is getting all gussied up for a fun, unique date night. Not many couples have regular date nights that require you to look nice and go somewhere new, but keeping the habit (even if it’s just once every month or so!) will give you something to look forward to when things slow down.

2. Make St. Patrick’s Day (or any holiday) a thing. St. Patrick’s typically isn’t a holiday closely associated with romance, but who’s to say that you can’t make it all about you and your boo. Use the celebration as an excuse to spend time together doing something fun. Bonus points if you plan a weekend getaway to Chicago to celebrate the right way!

3. Circle spring break on the calendar. Whether or not you’re planning on taking a vacation this spring, give yourself something to look forward to by planning a trip. You might be thinking about an extravagant cruise, or maybe you’re content with a weekend at the lake. Either way, you’ll spice things up by giving you and your S.O. something out of the ordinary (and romantic!) to look forward to in the next few months.

4. Go outside. As the weather gets nicer, use the changing temps as an excuse to spend some quality time outdoors with each other. If you don’t have any great hikes near you, grab a two-person hammock, a laptop, and your boo for a cozy movie night out.

5. Keep the valentines coming. Even though we love to text and tweet, handwritten and handmade cards still carry a ton of weight in the language of love. Exchange little notes. Put them in each others’ lunches, on your S.O.’s mirror, or even in their car for a little pick-me-up when they least expect one.

6. Practice small acts of love. Showing you care can mean anything from grand gestures to mini expressions of love. While grand gestures can be hard to pull off on a regular basis, continue showing your partner you’re thinking about them by picking up their fave Starbucks drink, leaving messages around the house, or even doing the dishes when it’s their turn.

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