Last night’s Keeping Up With the Kardashians gave us more opportunities for Kim to torment girl-crazy Scott. After shaming Scott and his hook-up, Kim continues with her self-care and rehabilitation in Dubai. She visits a children’s center, where she receives love and admiration all while wearing a charmingly trashy tucked-in t-shirt and ripped jeans combo. She rides camels and dune buggies with friends in the desert and we discover that she smells totally fine after freaking out on Scott, despite having no deodorant on (hygiene goals).

The robbery and Kanye’s breakdown still loom large over family activities. Kanye makes his first appearance since canceling his tour at a tea date with Kim and Kourtney and seems completely out of it, save for a dad joke about Pomeranians fitting in the palm of your hand. Kanye decides to sit out the family trip to Costa Rica. Kim learns that suspects in her case have been arrested and she needs to fly to New York to testify. She continues to make attempts to balance a very public life with her inability to trust anyone outside of her inner circle. She doesn’t want to burden her family with the ongoing Paris drama, and, luckily, Scott will keep her well distracted with his own drama.

In Costa Rica, the family splinters, much to Khloé’s chagrin. Season 13’s MVP planned the trip and arranged fireworks for the first night, but between Scott continuing to act out and Kris’s hurt feelings over Caitlyn’s book, not to mention Kylie and Tyga taking over her room, Khloé struggles to get everyone in the same place. Waaaiiiit. Back up. Tyga’s still around? I had to pause my DVR to check Kylie and Tyga’s current relationship status and they appear to be broken up again but still in love IRL. That Kylie spin-off is going to be (SHOCKER) an emotional rollercoaster.

Super-spy Kim learns that Scott has flown a girl out to Costa Rica to stay with him. Unlike the anonymous woman from Dubai, this week’s paramour has a name: Chelsea. Kim, Kourtney, and Khloé act appalled, but they smile as they discuss how pathetic they think Scott is. After a season of serious trauma, this classic low-stakes Kardashian drama is firmly in their wheelhouse. Watch out, Scott!

At dinner, Kourtney makes it clear to her family that, despite successful family trips with the kids, she has no plans of ever getting back together with Scott. “My kids deserve to, like, have somebody with better, like, moral characteristics,” she says decisively before Scott arrives. Kim and Khloé toy with Scott by name dropping famous Chelseas in conversation. While this could’ve been a delightfully long and absurd scene, they could only come up with Chelsea Clinton and Chelsea Handler and I’m pretty sure those are the only famous Chelseas. As Scott is getting the heat from the Kardashians, Costa Rican fire dancers perform in the background and the real burns are saved for next week’s episode.

Best fashions of the week: Kim’s vintage Sade shirt and Tyga’s oversized white t-shirt featuring a still of a low-key dialogue scene from Terminator 2. At the time of publication, neither was available on Etsy. :(

Most desired spin-off of the week: Penelope and North: BFFs. But it has to be like Kourtney and Khloé’s old shows where they take Miami and New York. Or maybe there could be a whole season in the knockoff Jurassic Park they visited in Costa Rica?

(Photos via E! + Frederick M. Brown/Getty)