Those Kardashian and Jenner girls are all about the interesting decor. Last week we got to see a glimpse of Kylie’s new state-of-the-art bathroom and now we are getting a peek into the home aesthetic of her big sister Kendall. Apparently chairs and a table are just TOO BASIC for the model when she goes to her breakfast nook for a bite and to check her morning Instagram feed. Nope, Jenner prefers lounging about in a hammock. Because, hey, if you can’t be on a tropical island all the time, you can at least pretend you are, right?

Kendall hammocks

On her website she wrote, “So, I have this funny nook in my condo. The obvious thing to do would be to put a round little breakfast table there, but I really wanted to shake things up. When I was in Paris for the last set of shows, I noticed a hammock inside one of my friend’s places and I fell in love with the idea SO hard! I had to cop her style — so I had mine custom-made by the same French artist. It’s one of the best decisions I’ve made in decorating and I highly recommend it! I chose some cool options for you to check out, too.”

The options she provided are actually quite cool and some aren’t even on the Jenner budget like this one from Adeco for $52.99 or this Brookstone one for $72.99. It may be a little tricky for trying to eat a bowl of cereal but you have to admit they look cool and would be absolutely perfect for an afternoon nap.

Do you rock a hammock in your breakfast nook or anywhere in your house? Tag us on your home decor pics @britandco!

(Photos via and Grant Lamos IV/Getty)