Kendall Jenner can’t seem to catch a break. Since her controversial Pepsi commercial was first aired (and almost immediately pulled), the 21-year-old has been the target of quite a bit of flack, with fans lashing out at her decision to be involved with such a tone-deaf campaign.

Her efforts to put the whole thing behind her by getting back to social media business as usual and tweeting her latest magazine cover soon after the incident were also heavily criticized, with people taking her to task for failing to issue any sort of apology or acknowledge her misstep.

Now, the supermodel is in hot water once more after taking part in the promotion of yet another massive marketing fail: Fyre Festival. The event, which promised to be a millennial paradise chock full of luxury accommodations and celebrity guests, was a massive flop, to say the least. Unfortunately for Jenner, she chose to promote the fest with a now-deleted Instagram post that announced its rumored lineup, opening her up to even more backlash.

Model gal pals Bella Hadid and Hailey Baldwin were also involved in fest promotion, as seen in the video announcement for the event below.

Angry at their seemingly cavalier endorsement of the disastrous affair, Twitter swiftly came after the girls..

What’s more, the model also reportedly did not include the required Federal Trade Commission disclaimer that she was being paid to promote the festival.

Kendall, for her part, doesn’t seem to be letting the chitter chatter get her down, posting a topless shot of herself in (hip?) high boots over jeans on Instagram.

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playing dress up

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She also released a promotion for donuts over on her Twitter page and app, sparking further backlash still.

Some suggested she offer up some of those donuts to those in need of food at the fest…

While others proposed a refreshing Pepsi.

Ay yi yi! Between this and Kim Kardashian-West‘s candle debacle, it looks like the Kardashians may need to rethink a few of their recent marketing strategies, mmm?

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(h/t People; photos via Dimitrios Kambouris)