It鈥檚 impossible to quantify the ways聽smartphones have enriched our lives. With the invention of 鈥淗ey Siri,鈥 Apple has put an a personal digital assistant at our fingertips. Plus, there鈥檚 basically an app that will make every aspect of your life more efficient. It鈥檚 easy to see why people love their phones. More and more often, however, smartphones are turning into everyone鈥檚 plus ones at the dinner table. IKEA even came out with a placemat that has a pocket made specifically for your phone. Kendall Jenner for one has frankly had enough.


The supermodel posted this image of cellphones in a stack on a dinner table on her Instagram along with the caption, 鈥淣o touchy.鈥 The rules are clear:聽no screen time at dinner. YAAAS. This is something we ALL need. Phone-free events are nothing new 鈥 Mary-Kate asked all her guests to turn in their聽phones at her uber-private nuptials last year 鈥 but we love that Kendall, who has 46.5 million followers on Instagram, is reminding us to put down our phones and actually have a convo at mealtime. If there was ever a celeb who could have an influence on that respect, it鈥檇 be Kendall.

In case of a real emergency, you could always rely on a smart wearable like Ringly or even the Apple Watch to discreetly notify you when you鈥檙e getting a call, text or email from a VIP you really cannot miss.


You hear that, Kylie?

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(Photos via Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty + @kendalljenner)