We know love doesn’t always end with cute wedding photos and adorable baby names. Sometimes, the harsh reality of love is that it just doesn’t work out. We all have our favorite celeb couples, the pair you shipped really hard when rumors flew they were dating, and now, you wish they would be together forever. Sadly, sometimes good things end.

In the last 24 hours or so, a slew of long-term celebrity couples — from Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards to Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale to Kermit and Miss freakin’ Piggy!! — have split up and it probably has you asking a lot of questions. Is love real? Was it him? Was it her? Was it something in the water? While no one will ever know the full details outside of those involved, news of these splits and divorces have our social channels filled with heartbroken folks.

Chin up, people. We’re all in this together. Here’s a life hack or five for how to heal from your fave celeb couple’s super sad split.

1. Give yourself time to wallow. Listen to some “The House That Built Me” by Miranda Lambert and weep a little. It’s okay if you want to take a day over the weekend to just re-watch old episodes of KUWTK over and over and over again. Mourn for what’s been lost. After all, you spent nine years of your life invested in Kourtney and Scott. That’s nine years of the best one-liners and quotable quotes of Scott Disick that may never be again. “IT’S TODD KRAINES!” *reach for ice cream, cry*

2. Confide in your friends. They say a problem shared is a problem halved. Who would better understand your grief over the dissolution of Gwen + Gavin? Who will sing along to “Don’t Speak” by No Doubt and feel every word as strongly as you do? Your bestie who went to go see Gwen and the boys with you in seventh grade. So, give ’em a call and you’ll make it through this together.

3. Put away the memorabilia and photos. It’s time to take down that life-size signed poster of Will and Jada. Your first edition copy of the Daredevil DVD should probably also find a new home. There’s truth to the old saying, “Out of sight. Out of mind.” You can put it all in a shoebox and hide it in the corner of your closet if you don’t have the heart to toss it out.

4. Keep busy. Go outside and enjoy the sunshine. Dedicate yourself to work more than ever. Just because Bennifer 2.0 is kaput doesn’t mean your life is over. Maybe work on your knitting. Start a new hobby. These are all great ways to get your mind off of a breakup.

5. Move on. Soon, you’ll find that Miranda and Blake aren’t crossing your mind as much as they used to. You may even find yourself noticing other celeb couples. There’s a few out there that certainly look promising. Might we suggest Calvin Harris + Taylor Swift as an alternative? Maybe Behati Prinsloo + Adam Levine? Stay strong, kids.

How are you dealing with the recent slew of celebrity break ups? Tell us in the comments below.

(Featured photo via Kevin Winter/Getty)