When you have guests over, the first thing you do is offer them a drink, right? Extend a great first impression even further with a gorgeous, perhaps even unconventional glass. From tumblers to the ultimate party glasses, we’ve scoured the web for our favorite stylish glasses to inspire you. And yes, this is totally a valid excuse to invite people over for a new glassware party. We’ll come, too.

1. IKEA Utföra ($1): These simple glasses get an upgrade thanks to cute multicolored spots. They add a little fun to any meal for crazy cheap.

2. Gold Leaf Cocktail Glasses ($56): We can’t decide the best way to use these gold sparkly glasses. They’re so pretty it’s hard to relegate them to just one kind of drink. Guess we’ll just have to use them all the time then, yeah? Yeah.

3. Kate Spade Two of a Kind Bar Belles HiBalls ($50): Pour a tall, cool drink into one of these smiling glasses at the end of your day. Sure, the etched designs may make these crystal cups just a teensy twee, but they sure make a great conversation starter.

4. Moustache Drinking Glasses ($38): We moustache you a question: Are these not the cheekiest glasses you’ve ever seen? Even if the thought of sipping from one of these glasses seems a little silly at first, we think they will grow on you. (P.S. Sorry not sorry for the puns.)

5. Owl Mosaic Hand Painted Set ($108): These glasses are almost too pretty to drink from. But not using them would let the beautiful mosaics go to waste. Let your kids drink from these cute cups when they’re old enough to protect them. They’ll be thrilled to have colorful grownup glassware of their own.

6. Tea Time Anytime Glasses ($35): Gilded glasses fit for royal-tea? (hehe) We’ll take as many as we can fit in our cabinets, thank you very much. These simple drinking glasses, perfect for water, cocktails or tea, add a little Middle Eastern flair to your kitchen.

7. Anthropologie Stemless Wine Glass ($8): These glasses have a hand-blown look (thanks to artful bubbles on their outer surface) that makes them look much more expensive than just eight dollars each. Impress your friends and get that vino flowing to make for a fantastically classy evening.

8. Crate & Barrel Lex Cocktail Glass ($10): This chic equestrian-themed glass is perfect for schmoozing at your next Kentucky Derby party. We love that gilded edge, which elevates these to a level of class suitable for your aged whiskey and rye.

9. VITAL Bike Printed Glasses ($12): If you need another hipster accessory to match your custom-made cruiser and hand-woven saddlebags, how about a bike-themed way to unwind after a long day of dodging traffic? These etched bike glasses are just begging for a cold IPA that the rest of the world has probably never heard of.

10. West Elm Hobstar ($6): Each of these stunning glasses is full of detailed etchings in an intricate star pattern that makes us think of ice and snow. These would be right at home at any Christmas or New Year’s party.

11. Royal On The Rocks Whiskey Glass ($20): This one’s for all our ladies who love a smooth shot of whiskey. The gilded scales hide the good stuff from wandering eyes, which will help you avoid all the haters being like, “OMG. You’re drinking whiskey straight?!” Yeah, we are, ’cause that’s what ladies do.

12. Green Moroccan Tea Cups ($19): Moroccan food is hallmarked by mint tea, served after dinner as a refreshing palate cleanser. There’s no reason why you can’t use these for your own tea ceremony, too. Just make sure to let the tea cool slightly before pouring it into these delicate cups.

13. Anthropologie Euro Milk Glasses ($24): No one says you have to drink milk out of these rustic imprinted glasses. You’ll look just as stylish even if you sip water or cocktails from these multi-lingual cups.

14. Anthropologie Opalescent Tumbler ($12): These gorgeous frosted beauties may look too delicate to drink from, but don’t worry. They’re pretty durable. They’re even dishwasher safe, which means you can keep those pale jewel tones and frosted accents looking clean and sparkling for future fêtes.

15. Crate & Barrel Algere Glass ($7): A lot of craftsmanship goes into these delicate cups. The sculpted colored glass that makes these cups so unique is done by molding the hot glass around nails and disks to create that beautiful swirling pattern.

16. Colorful Party Glasses ($7): Each of these cute little party glasses features a unique design, the perfect answer to every hostess’ dilemma: Which glass belongs to whom? It should be super easy to keep track of your drink from now on.

17. Metallic Ombre Glassware ($20): Add a little metallic shine to your ombre obsession with this dark stemware set. It’ll add a touch of dark glamour to any beverage you serve your guests.

18. West Elm Bormioli Rocco Cassiopeia Glassware ($30 for 6): These “crinkle cut” geometric glasses look like someone’s put them through the wringer, which is probably why they’re also chip and scratch resistant. It’s that slightly crushed charm that makes them so special.

19. Aqua Wine Punts ($34): These glasses, called punts, are actually recycled wine bottles that have been cut down and turned into cups perfect for, you guessed it, drinking wine. The punt, or dent, in the bottom is what gives the glass its unusual name. Unusual or not, we love the idea recycling our bottles into something we can use even after the wine is gone.

20. Midas Collection Glasses ($60): If you love gold and glitter as much as we do, how about adding a little Midas touch to your kitchen? If you’re going to be serving guests, you might as well command the room while you do. And who wouldn’t want some gold-dipped accessories?

What special glasses do you keep in your home for special occasions? Do any of these inspire you to make some upgrades for your next fête? Tell us below!