We believe putting your signature style stamp on your living space is a must. Whether it’s the home you’ll be living in for the next 50 years or a short-term rental, there’s no way to make yourself and your guests feel more at home than by making your place scream you! And, if you’re like us, that means bright colors and patterns everywhere. With that design philosophy, plain old white dinnerware just won’t cut it. Instead, we’ve collected 32 colorful + creative non-traditional dishes for you to check out.

1. Soho Plate ($5): We’ve chalkboarded our coffee tables and even our stairs, it was about time we hit up the dinnerware, too. While you can’t actually write on these with chalk (that might be a health hazard), you can certainly enjoy the whimsical look it creates.

2. Elka Dinner Plate ($14-20): Mediterranean and mint meet in this gorgeous dinner set. And, for the outdoor entertaining guru, we love that it will transition seamlessly from your dining table to your outdoor kitchen.

3. From the Deep Dinner Plate ($14-24): If your favorite book is Moby Dick, boy have we got dinnerware for you. It just might make seafood night a little uncomfortable :)

4. London Trio Set ($23): Brit Designer Cath Kidston just gets us. Whether it’s jealeously side-eyeing Duchess Kate’s latest designer duds, or cooing over HRH George’s chubby cheeks, sometimes we just want to pretend we’re British. Is that so wrong?

5. Under the Sun Melamine Dinner Plate ($10): Your colorful casita will majorly benefit from these tropical-themed dishes. And next time you need a vacation, you can just head to the kitchen and channel the beach.

6. Rika Dinner Plate ($8): It’s coloful, it’s modern, its eye-catching — basically it’s all you could want in your dinnerware. We’re also betting you could DIY these babies with one of those bingo stamps you know your grandma has stashed somewhere.

7. Mexicali Dinnerware ($6-7): We envision these dishes supporting big brunches and Mexican fusion night, which are basically the only two meals we need in life.

8. Voyage Mia Dinner Plates ($18): We have a major crush on intricate ceramic patterns. We love them as backsplashes, and now we love them in these dishes.

9. Fish Green Deep Plate ($17): We’re down with fish, and we’re especially down with deep fish plates that can hold big servings of pasta.

10. Striped Melamine Dinnerware ($3): Cool shades of blue and intersecting stripes make this set a super chill addition to your kitchen’s style.

11. Dapper Animal Plates ($5-10): These plates have whimsy stamped all over them. Beatrix Potter would have snapped these up in a heartbeat, so obvi you should, too.

12. Potter’s Workshop Dinnerware Set in Sage Green ($8): These are totally masterpiece-worthy in the craftsman department, but we love that they look like you could have whipped them up yourself at one of those paint-your-own-pottery places.

13. Clocks Dinner Plate ($16): We may always be running late, but we take comfort in the fact that it’s always breakfast o’clock when eating off of this baby.

14. Roscoe Dinnerware ($3-5): Maybe you’re more into subtle — like colors, but not crazy patterns. We got you boo, and so do these multicolored plates and bowls.

15. Como Splash Deep Plate ($15): We may or may not be artistic geniuses who had a moment of inspiration in the middle of dinner and dripped paint on our dishes. You’ll never know.

16. Nomad Elephant Plates ($28): Elephants are our spirit animal. They can cry, paint and they visit the graves of their family members. Of course we want to stare at them every night during dinner.

17. City Plates ($40): Rustic is so not your thing. You like industrial, you like urban, you love skyscrapers. You’ll definitely like these city plates.

18. Solaris Dinnerware ($52-80): We know you worked hard on those gorgeous DIY table linens, and you want to show them off. Food schmood, these translucent plates will frame your hard work in gold.

19. Claudia Pearson Dog Plates ($15-19): We know your best buddy has a place in your heart, and now you can give him a place at the table, too. Just so long as he doesn’t beg.

20. Sissinghurst Castle Dinner Plate ($14-24): Grandma had oversized flower dinnerware like this, and we always give style props where they’re deserved. Here’s to you, Grandma.

21. Oval Dinnerware ($7-9): Here’s another option for the understated + sophisticated type. You totally predicted that matte would be back in.

22. Marin Birds Dinner Plate ($11): Question: how did Flit from Pocahontas get on our plates? Better question: can we keep him?

23. Sword Appetizer Plates ($50): Dinner is a dangerous business. Showcase your inner buccaneer on your dinnerware.

24. Cherry Blossom Dinner Plates ($48): It’s a little bit abstract and it totally works with your DIY decor. It’s pretty much dinnerware fate.

25. Newspaper Bread Plates ($40): Extra, extra, read all about it! You may have canceled your newspaper subscription in favor of its digital successor, but that’s no reason you can’t enjoy the old fashioned newspaper-at-the-breakfast-table routine.

26. Cheetah Plates ($40): Maybe your home resembles a zoo a little more often than you’d like. Score these plates and you can totally get away with pretending it’s on purpose.

27. When the Planets A-Dine Plate Set ($45): We’re major astronomy buffs, but we can’t help being disappointed at Pluto’s absence. Such an unfair fate.

28. Cool Ban Tai Plates ($5): These chill plates will liven up even the most drab of place settings. And on your stylish table they’ll look totally gorgeous.

29. Francophile Dinner Plate ($24): Vive la France! Your Parisian adventures may only consist of drinking wine while repeat watching Paris, Je T’aime, but add some baguettes et fromage on these plates and you’ll be totally legit.

30. Potter’s Workshop Tableware in Bean ($5-8): We need coffee in a mug, we need coffee in a vat — we need coffee in an IV! With such a java fixation, we obviously need it on our dinnerware, too.

31. Sardina Dinner Plate ($10-16): Go ahead, pretend you picked these up on your last stop in Italy, you jet-setter you. We promise we won’t tell.

32. Dot Pop Dinner Plate ($12-18): The humble polka dot will never go out of fashion in our hearts. Give it a place at your table with these funky plates.

Are you ready for a major overhaul of your dish cupboard? Which design is calling to you? Leave us a comment and let us know.