Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard are one of the cutest couples in Hollywood, and a recent appearance on TheEllen DeGeneres Show further proved why we love their love.

Shepard appeared as a guest on the Thursday, January 3, episode of Ellen, just one day after his 44th birthday. As the Armchair Expert podcast host answered audience questions in a segment called “Ask Dr. Dax,” Bell showed up with a surprise question for her husband.

“What would you recommend getting someone very special, like a spouse, for their birthday?” Bell asked. “Or how would you spoil them on their birthday?”

“In the bedroom?” Shepard joked in response.

“Umm, let’s say I have ‘in the bedroom’ covered,” Bell replied, laughing, with a wink. “No, outside the bedroom.”

“I would say please, please, please give that person love and support for 11 years,” he began, getting emotional. “Give them two beautiful baby girls, and you’re good.”

Bell stood silently smiling as tears formed in her eyes. Then she pointed at him and yelled, “You’re crying too!” Shepard quickly quipped, “You sit down, young lady. We’ve heard enough of your questions.”

Earlier in Shepard’s segment, he had joked to DeGeneres that his post-holiday birthday meant he often had to tell friends that Bell was going to be at his party to get anyone to show up. Once he saw that his wife was in the audience, he said that Bell was once again the only reason anyone was there.

Aa Bell joined her husband and DeGeneres on stage for a “Happy Birthday” sing-along and cake, she and Shepard shared a sweet kiss — and then shortly after, a scream, as a clown jumped out of the cake to scare them. It is Ellen, after all.

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(photo via Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.)