Everyone knows Kylie Jenner is a total style chameleon and one of her favorite ways to change up her look is by changing her hair. Whether she鈥檚 switching up the color, length, trying on a new wig or whatever it may be that day, everything King Kylie does with her hair launches hundreds of copycats. Just this week, she was seen with a bold bob haircut, and now a photo has surfaced of Kylie wearing a gold headband on, wait鈥 one side of her hair? That can鈥檛 be right.

Kylie playing with Norman during a shoot in LA, yesterday. 馃槏

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Kylie was spotted sporting a gorgeous gold design in her hair during a photoshoot with her pup Norman. Turns out, it isn鈥檛 a headband after all. It鈥檚 a hair tattoo, and we must say it鈥檚 stunning.

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Sc眉nci is selling these silver and gold hair and body tattoos ($5) in packs and can be found at your local Ulta and Target. Each pack comes with two sheets in several designs such as an arrow pattern (which Kylie wore), paisley, triangles and swirls. Plus, applying the tattoos is super easy. It鈥檚 the same as any other temporary tattoo 鈥 just press the design to your head, dab it with water and then remove the paper. And unlike real tattoos, these accessories will wash off during your next shower.

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We like the tattoo ideas Sc眉nci gave us on its Instagram page. Not only can you dress up your part, but you can also use the tattoo like a headband or embellish a braid. The possibilities are endless, and just in time for Halloween, not to mention all your fancy holiday parties in December.

Would you wear a hair tattoo? Let us know in the comments.

(Photos via Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty + Sc眉nci + @scunci + @kyliepictures)