We鈥檙e not used to seeing the Kardashian-Jenner girls in natural or no makeup, especially聽when they鈥檝e got makeup lines to promote, like Kylie鈥榮 amazing-looking new lip kit. But if you know anything about this family it鈥檚 that, even though they鈥檙e dedicated to glam life, they ultimately don鈥檛 take themselves too seriously. Proof? A video snippet posted to Kylie鈥檚 Insta shows her recruiting two of her guy friends to do her makeup for a change. And as it turns out? They鈥檙e pretty good at it!

Kylie enlisted the help of her friends Harry and Josh in the infamous glam room for an episode of Dope Glam, and while we just get a super short look at it here (the full clip is available on Kylie鈥檚 subscription-based app), it鈥檚 adorable. 鈥淵ou guys, how good does my face look? I鈥檓 not kidding,鈥 Kylie says at the end. She鈥檚 not wrong! If you spend enough time in that home, though, you鈥檙e bound to pick up some contouring skills.

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(Photo via Jason Kempin/Getty and video via @kyliejenner)