Real talk: Going to the laundromat is not fun. The harsh lighting, the wall-mounted television permanently stuck on the sports channel, fighting for a washing machine — no thank you. But, if you’re lucky enough to live in San Francisco, you have a much better option. Laundré, the new, hip spot to hang while getting your clothes clean, is putting an innovative spin on the industry. So much so that it might *actually* make you look forward to your hamper being full.

The sleek, 5,000-square-foot space is located in the city’s Mission District. It’s modern and bright with tall ceilings above a huge wall of windows (i.e. a big improvement on the standard dingy laundry scene). More trendy coffee house vibe than old-school laundromat, the spot offers everything from macchiatos and matcha lattes to healthy eats (read: lemongrass tofu wraps and chia seed pudding) while you wait for your laundry to dry.

It’s Laundré’s machines, though, that are the real MVPs of the place. “They’re unlike any other equipment on the market and truly make the laundering experience better,” Laundré founder Ariana Roviello told Brit + Co. “They cut down your wash and dry time by half and use 30 percent less water by weighing your clothing in order to provide the appropriate amount of water to each load.”

There’s no need to sit and watch your clothes during the spin cycle because the washers and dryers text you when the cycle is complete. One load starts at $4.50, depending on the size of the washer you use, while a dry costs under a dollar. Forgot your suds? No worries. Laundré throws in free, eco-friendly soap with every wash so you don’t have to lug your own. And if you’re pressed for time, clothes can be washed, dried, and folded for you for $1.50 per pound.

Roviello came up with the concept of Laundré while attending The Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising. For two years, she worked as a Lyft driver while she developed her business plan and raised funds. “After a string of unfortunate laundromat experiences, I decided to see how I could elevate the experience,” Roviello says. “My main focus was how to improve space, service, and sustainability.”

Laundré has been open for just about a month now, and the response has been enthusiastic. “It’s been great to watch how people interact with the concept and space,” Roviello says.

As of now, Laundré only has the one location in San Francisco, but Roviello says she hopes to expand to other cities as well. Fingers crossed!

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(Photos via Laundré)