Year after year, Lauren comes at us with some pretty stellar Christmas gift ideas. This year she shared some of her favorite picks with Who What Wear. While there’s no $90,000 trip to space on her list (lookin’ at you, Gwyneth), she doesn’t exactly highlight the cheapest of items. If, like us, you’re working with a pretty tight budget this holiday season, we suggest you take a look at these LC-approved picks that can easily be DIYed.


1. Mimi Faux Fur-Trimmed Wool Beanie ($200): If you’re a beginning DIYer, hacking this fun beanie is a super simple project you can easily get done in an hour. Start by grabbing a cheap beanie from somewhere like H&M or Forever 21. Then follow this tutorial to create two pom poms and attach them with a little bit of needle and thread.


2. Clare V. Foldover Clutch ($209): Bust out your sewing skills to recreate this luxe looking foldover clutch. This tutorial by Mad in Crafts tells you everything you need to know about working with leather, but if you’re hesitant, you can simplify things by swapping the leather for a sturdy canvas material.


3. Bubbled-Up Coupe Set ($64): Anthro, we love you, but this one is just too easy not to hack. Grab a couple of coupe cocktail glasses from Target. While you’re there, also grab a gold Sharpie and simply recreate the pattern by using the permanent marker to dot the glass.


4. Anthropologie Snow Day Scarf ($68): This DIY alternative is pretty straight forward… knit one yourself. If you’re not a knitter, we vote you buy this kit and e-class as a Christmas gift to yourself and gift your finished product away to a very special recipient.


5. Apple Cider Snow Blend Candle ($24): Grab some fun jars, essential oils, wicks and soy wax from the craft store and you’ll likely be able to make all your besties custom candles for the same price as this one LC featured. Follow this tutorial, which gives you the rundown on everything you need to create a cozy, wintry scent. However, if you are up for a splurge, it should be noted that LC’s pick is created in the US by Burmese refugee women.

What are you DIYing this Christmas? Share with us in the comments below.

(Photos via Michael Stewart/Getty)