Let’s get real. We’ve all daydreamed of being able to escape while keeping the comforts of home. But we can’t all just attach millions of balloons to our house like Carl and Russell in Up. What photographer Laurent Chehere does to buildings in his photographs might be the next best thing.

Chehere photographs buildings (mostly homes) and, with the magic of Photoshop along with his insane level of skill, makes them fly. With each photograph, he explores aging structures of Paris as they look in the sky.

While Paris is well-known for the architecture of its famous museums and monuments, the buildings Chehere chooses are ones that tourists would easily overlook and locals wouldn’t give a second glance. He turns the decrepit into the delightful. Chehere wrote, “I tried to get these sad houses out of the anonymity of the street, to help them to tell their story, true or fantasized.”

Often his buildings are still tied to reality with subtle hints like telephone wire and clothes lines. In fact, the detail in his photographs is a big part of the allure. Every crack, broken sign and open window stays intact as they take flight. Chehere explained a bit of his process: “Technically, I drew the buildings and afterward, I shot each element such as the roof, walls, windows, graffiti, and even the people — it’s a montage,”

Chehere’s Flying Houses have been shown in galleries around the world and you can see more of his work at his website. And in our daydreams…

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