Ever wondered what goes into making leather goods? We’ve got the answers in our new online class on leatherworking, taught by Natalie Davis. Natalie owns her own modern leather goods line, Canoe Goods, and she’s teaching you how to make one of her bestsellers, a beautiful hand-tooled catch-all tray! So tie up that tool belt and let’s get to work!


Wondering what to expect from a Leatherworking class? Sign up now to learn all about the basics of tooling and finishing leather, along with hand-sewing techniques. Believe it or not, leatherworking has a lot in common with sewing! This is a great way to apply those needle-and-thread skills since we’ll be stitching by hand, but you don’t need any prior experience or even a sewing machine for that matter.

You’ll get hands-on time with hard-core tools like a stylus and an X-ACTO knife (safely and responsibly, of course, Mom), and finally, personalize it by hand-tooling a design in the leather.


The best part of the class? Leaving all your friends wondering how you did it once you have your new catch-all tray to proudly display on your nightstand or office desk. We’re going to go out on a limb and say when that’s finished, you’ll be ready to start more leather projects. What’ll it be? Belts, wallets, jewelry?


Buy the Leather Tray Kit ($69) with the Leatherworking Online Class and we’ll knock 15% off the price! Inside this kit, you’ll find the materials you need for the class:

– Heavy Duty Wood Awl

– Natural Leather

– Stylus

– Red Waxed Cord

– Stitching Needle

– Leather Finish

LeatherMaking_Process_20150818_0003 copy

As you may already know, this class is one of many in which we bring in makers, designers and bloggers to share their tricks of the trade, and hopefully inspire your own creativity. We offer these online classes (succulent gardening, brush calligraphy and jam making, to name a few) right in our own B+C Shop. The best part is, you’ll be able to download the classes and come back to them whenever you want, so they’re ideal for those of us with busy schedules.



What are you going to make with your new leatherworking skills? Chat with us in the comment section below.