New Year’s Eve parties are all about the glitz and the glamour as everyone counts down to the end of one year and the start of a new one (bring on the toasts!). Before you begin the final countdown, light up the party with these 10 LED products that are bound to make your NYE get together one to remember for the entire year.

1. LED Flower Crown ($20-$35): Bring your festival wear to the NYE party and all the partygoers’ eyes will be lighting up. (image via Root & Rose)

2. LED Headbands: Headbands + LED = the perfect match for any party, especially a New Year’s one. Cheers! (via Brit + Co)

3. LED Party Ball ($50): Your party space may not have the room for a dropping ball, but you can easily throw in a spinning disco ball to get everyone on your makeshift dance floor hours before the countdown begins.

4. LED Dress: Stand out in a crowd of sequined and glittery gowns with a light-up dress and everyone will remember it until the countdown to 2016.

5. LED Balloons: Pick up some gold and silver balloons, toss the LED light inside, then blow those floating decorations up. Your NYE party just got way brighter with these orbs of light. (via Brit + Co)

6. LED Candles ($20): Is there a New Year’s birthday happening at your countdown party? Or do you just like decorating the dessert table? Then this LED flame is perfect for your end-of-2014 gala. You can buy the entire littleBits Birthday Candle Project Pack in our shop!

7. LED Hula Hoop: There are only so many rounds of flip cup and Card Against Humanity partygoers can play. Toss this hoop in the backyard and your guests will be swinging those hips well into 2015. (Um, also, best photo booth prop EVER!) (via Instructables)

8. LED Coasters ($50): Keep your tabletops clear during your house party with these light-up coasters. Just watch out for toppling drinks, because these coasters can’t prevent that party foul.

9. LED Earrings ($21): It’s time to set your bling to stun mode. These light-up earrings will help you stand out in the sequin-filled crowd.

10. LED Starry Night Sky Projector ($3): No matter how many balls you watch drop, you’re never too old to have twinkly stars accompany the countdown.

Are you planning on bring the LED to your New Year’s party? Let us know in the comments.