Athletes: Stop pumping that iron for a minute, pour yourself a smoothie and listen up. We want to tell you about a brand new fitness product that’s totally worth your time. From apps to innovations, technology has already rocked your workout, but there’s a new fitness invention in town, and it goes by the name of Leo.

There are plenty of fitness wearables that track what you’re doing and where you’re doing it, but Leo takes it a step further by tracking more than a dozen things surrounding your workout, giving you real-time feedback as you go. In addition to basic features, like tracking your location, counting calories burned and keeping track of the miles you’ve ran or walked, Leo has a handful of unique features. Leo sees more than a personal trainer. As it’s counting your every heartbeat, Leo also is measuring your hydration levels. While it’s measuring your balance, it’s keeping an eye on muscle fatigue.

Leo can help anyone set goals, stay healthy and improve their athleticism whether they’re an elite athlete or are just getting into exercise. It does all this as you wear a simple leg band that senses your every move. The comfortable band sends information to your Leo app, and your phone delivers vital information to you.

It not only tracks an incredible amount of data about your body, but it delivers information to you in a way you can actually understand. And Leo doesn’t just store that information for you to view after your workout, it gives you actionable advice right away based on your body’s signals, which means you’re less prone to injury.

A social feature on the app means you can not only share your workout information with friends, but issue them challenges to keep things competitive. All your data is stored on the Leo cloud so you can track your progress over the long haul and constantly see how you could improve.

If you want your own Leo, you’ll have to get on board with the brand on Indiegogo. You can get in for as little as $184, but two leg bands are recommended and that will run you $349. Your investment could mean a smarter workout by spring!

How does technology help you get fit? We’d love to hear about it in the comments below!