Dutch artist Leon Keer’s street art is unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. Just looking at it is like staring at a scene in a 3-D movie, but without the lame glasses. Keer’s playful pieces may give the illusion that they’re three-dimensional, but don’t let your eyes play tricks on you — they only look three-dimensional when viewed from a certain angle.

The secret to Keer’s art is that he works with a variety of materials, ranging from acrylic paints to primers and tars, in order to showcase recognizable images in a fresh context. “I try to take you, as a spectator, away from everyday life. In that way, you are able to look differently at the street and the city you are living in,” said Keer in an interview with Instagram.

Unfortunately Keer’s street paintings are temporary, but thanks to social media, you can view them any time you need a break from the everyday.

Keer travels around the world to create his masterpieces. You can find more of his anamorphic artwork on his Instagram page or follow his art on his website.

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(h/t Instagram)