It鈥檚 only Wednesday and it鈥檚 already been an epic week when it comes to butts (ya, that鈥檚 right, we said butts). Both Justin Bieber and John Legend shared their backsides with the Internet and Nicky Hilton tried out a new trend that put her bum on full display. But arguably the best butt news of the week is coming from Levi鈥檚. The legendary denim company has recently announced that they鈥檝e made some major fit changes in their newest collection that will benefit your derri猫re.

Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 11.32.58 AM

In response to a recent decline in sales, Levi鈥檚 took a 鈥済lobal safari鈥 to figure out exactly what was wrong and how they could fix it. According to the New York Times, the company visited cities like Chicago, Shanghai, Hamburg and Stockholm where they interviewed hundreds of women of all different ages, body shapes and ethnicities about their jean preferences. Thier conclusion? Ladies want bigger pockets and more stretch.


Levi鈥檚 has taken this feedback and incorporated it into their new 700 series. In addition to making the back pockets larger and adding a 鈥渢wo horse pull鈥 to the waistband, the new Levi鈥檚 styles have an amplified stretch factor. Styles 711 to 721 have been updated from 20 percent stretch to 40 percent stretch and the new 710s are now 50 to 90 percent stretch 鈥 making them something akin to the cutest pair of jeggings you鈥檝e ever seen.


The 700 series is comprised of six styles, which range from the 710 Super Skinny to the 714 Straight. Five out the six new styles offer a mid-rise, making it more flattering on a wider range of body types. The sixth pair is the 721 High Rise, which features a waistline that sits above the hip bone. We鈥檝e been pretty set in our legging loving ways, but this just might be the thing that makes us love denim again.

(Photos via @levis and Levi鈥檚)