It’s time to cross “Big screen TV” off of your electronic wish list and then swiftly replace it with the next big (but smaller) thing in televisions: roll-up sets. Yes, your favorite snack technology from childhood is coming to a living room near you. LG just unveiled a new pair of screens that pave their future path into the ultimate small space solution — one with a flexible, rollable, ultra-thin display and another with a transparent screen.

We’ve imagined similar flexibility transforming our tech through the power of graphene, but the new 18-inch OLED will be made of a flexible polyimide film. The panels boast some seriously impressive specs: 1,200 x 810 resolution, almost 1 million megapixels and the ability to be twisted up tightly like a poster with a 1.2 inch radius. And when you unfurl that bad boy, you can bet the display will be just as crisp as it was before. LG projects future screens with this tech could go up to 50 inches.

The 18-inch transparent OLED panel isn’t the first transparent telly LG has crafted, but the latest version features breakthrough developments on the pixel design front that make this picture better than its predecessors. Imagine being able to hang a transparent TV in that little nook between your kitchen and your dining or living room. Talk about a small space hack, or a simpler solution for dorm and urban dwellers who may be moving from place to place multiple times over the course of a few years.

If you’re bummed because you JUST bought a new TV (#samehere) no worries. LG projects these will hit the market closer to 2017, so by the time your new model is old news.

Would a TV you can roll up be your next electronics purchase? What other tech do you want to be rollable?

(h/t Mashable)