Things are getting real in a hurry for the Abbotts since Stella (Lucy Hale) got her Life Sentence. She鈥檚 cancer-free, so now it鈥檚 time to start living her life 鈥 except her entire family lied to her about all this bad stuff while she was sick, and now all of that is coming to the forefront.

Let鈥檚 start with Stella and her husband, Wes (Elliot Knight), who got married after knowing each other for less than a month. Now immigration services are looking into their marriage because it looks like maybe Wes was using Stella to avoid deportation.

We all know that鈥檚 not the case, but it certainly doesn鈥檛 look great that they got married so quickly and Wes knew his wife was dying of cancer. So, Stella and Wes have to study up on each other in order to pass the immigration test questions, which leads to a rather ridiculous exchange where Wes reveals he鈥檚 slept with 11 people and Stella yelps, 鈥淲ere you a prostitute?!鈥

Um, Stella? Slow your roll. First of all, don鈥檛 slut-shame your husband. Also, 11 people is not, like, outrageous.

Either way, it鈥檚 not the sex that bothers Stella, but the fact that he鈥檚 been in love before and she鈥檚 never even heard about this woman, Pippa Hollingsworth. (Side note: Please let us meet Pippa, please let us meet Pippa, please let us meet Pippa.) The bottom line is, they realize they have a lot to learn about each other, but their love is strong and they鈥檙e willing to put in the work, so the Problem of the Week goes away.

The much bigger, over-arching problem is within the Abbott family, specifically mom Ida (Gillian Vigman). She seems to have almost entirely moved on from basically her whole family, ready to sell the house and live happily ever after with her new girlfriend, Poppy (Claudia Rocafort). But selling their childhood home is really hard on all the kids and their father, and they all think their mother is being really self-centered until she breaks down crying about how awful this house was for her 鈥 it鈥檚 where her marriage fell apart and her baby got cancer.

Ida is also very concerned about digging up their cat, Baboo, before someone buys the house; it turns out that everyone lied to Stella about Baboo dying of 鈥 you guessed it 鈥 cancer, which strikes Stella as immensely funny.

That鈥檚 definitely the big stuff this week, although Aiden鈥檚 relationship with his father, Paul (Dylan Walsh), is certainly interesting. Aiden (Jayson Blair) feels completely neglected because of Stella鈥檚 illness, and it鈥檚 why he has basically spiraled downward into having no job and sleeping with married women. He comes around to the idea of being a good father to Marlene鈥檚 baby awfully fast 鈥 I wish they could have slowed that down and done it over the course of several episodes 鈥 but I鈥檓 excited to watch him try to repair his relationship with his dad while he becomes a father himself. Nice parallel there.

I also hope this means more Marlene (Alyshia Ochse). Aiden鈥檚 ditzy baby mama is a hoot 鈥 鈥淚鈥檓 going to have a baby with my drug dealer! Oh my god, I鈥檝e finally become my mother.鈥

Finally, the seemingly perfect Abbott sibling, Elizabeth (Brooke Lyons), is having her own troubles. She can鈥檛 seem to get started pursuing her dream of becoming a writer, but the bigger problem (and one the show has only hinted at) is that she really seems to resent both her husband and their kids for infringing on her life plans. Not that she doesn鈥檛 love them 鈥 clearly, she does 鈥 but she never meant to have kids so early, and it really changed her path in life. Luckily, Stella and Elizabeth鈥檚 husband, Diego (Carlos PenaVega), are ready to take over kid duty so Elizabeth can go to a writer鈥檚 retreat. It鈥檚 a nice-yet-temporary fix, so it鈥檒l be interesting to watch how Elizabeth comes to grips with the resent she harbors for her family.

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