Summer isn’t going to be around forever, guys. So instead of hugging your A/C while killing a box of Popsicles this weekend, get tix for a festival, text your friends to try that new place with the outdoor patio and put your lips on a celebrity’s face! Wait. I can explain about that last one. I’m talking about this Saturday’s look at the best apps of the week. From keyboard extensions that will do more than GIF up your convos to an app that will make festival going even MORE fun, here’s what’s app-ening in app roundup land:


1. LipOff: YES, our goal here at Brit + Co is to introduce you to new inspiration at every corner and click — but we also like to share what we refer to on the editorial team as tech timewasters. You know, the downloadable guilty pleasure apps and I-could-scroll-forever websites that can be the best distractions during a commute, a long day at work, waiting in line at the DMV etc. This app is that; it lets you play Jimmy Fallon by putting your lips on your favorite celebrities to make them say whatever you want in 6-second clips. For example: I could put my lips on Channing Tatum’s and then — actually, that alone would be the perfect app. This one is cool too.

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2. Everfest: Although this app started trending back in April, it remains on the radar as the summer rages on and more festivals get added to it. This download wants to unite your Type A and Type B sides, giving your free spirited wild child an organized line of communication with fellow festival goers in your group. Designate meeting spots, see where your friends are with a function that won’t drain your battery, access interactive maps and the event lineup. If you don’t see the event you’re heading to on the app now, suggest a fest on the app’s site and pray that there’s enough service to use it when the time comes to rock.

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3. Etch: Not just another keyboard app, this is the one to download to make your life (not just your GIF searching) easier. Similar to Sunrise’s new keyboard extension, which lets you tap into your calendar to suggest times to hang, Etch elevates your communication with friends by allowing you to search through other apps (including Yelp) to look up info you need at your fingertips. And, of course, this Launch Hackathon finalist can also help you find GIFs and YouTube videos.

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4. Pause: Music mavens, this app (just released for Android users) is the music app missing from your phone right now. Forget the Tidal vs Beats vs Spotify drama and get lost in the stories within this highly-curated music periodical. Discover go-to charts and reviews alongside Behind the Music-esque rivals and other long reads with tracks and videos sprinkled in.

DL It: Free on Android and iOS


5. Nod: One of our favorite finds on Product Hunt this week, this messenger is like no other. For those looking to break the ice with total strangers outside of the swipe game (aka online dating), give this a download. Using your location and proximity to others with the app — no Facebook, no numbers — you can send out messages and start conversations with groups. Don’t dimiss this one until it has a chance to grow, like a lot of newcomers looking to disrupt the go-to DLs on your smartphone, Nod’s success will be in its ability to inspire its user base. Plus, it would sound weirder if that interface wasn’t so darn pretty.

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What’s the last app you downloaded on your phone? Share with us below!