No matter how efficient your cleanliness habits may be, you probably still have to turn that faucet with dirty hands. And that means that you have to wash the handle down afterwards, or risk being left with lots of accumulated bacteria, stains, and germs clinging to your sink that no fancy soap will ever wash away. Blech.

Before you run off screaming and become a complete germaphobe, there are a few solutions out there. One is called Little Twist. Created by industrial designer Sarang Sheth, the faucet is built directly under the water source to give it a nice, refreshing rinse every time you wash your hands.

Genius isn’t it? While you wash your hands, your faucet also gets clean, keeping it in great condition and saving you time once your hands are scrubbed. No more having to wipe down the faucet, no more having to stress over your dirty hands. Just turn the sink on, wash and dry easy knowing your faucet is getting clean, too.

Beyond the practical, let’s talk design, another area the faucet earns major cool points. It’s seamlessly designed to look like a splash of water, and it’s made from ceramic to avoid hard water stains. Turn the handle ninety degrees to get the water flowing, then back to stop. Simple, easy and, don’t forget, clean.

While Little Twist is just a concept for now, we hope this project will eventually come to fruition. Our clean hands and clean sinks will definitely be a testament to whoever makes this dream a reality.

What do you think of this new sink concept? DO you like the idea, or think it’s just a gimmick? Tell us in the comments!