Even in today’s digital world, long-distance relationships can be tough. Like, really tough. But don’t let the distance smother your burning love for each other. Embrace it by creating new memories for you two to share later on. Whether you and your significant other are separated for a few weeks or for a few months, scroll on to try these 13 creative ideas to get your love on.

1. Send Them Film to Get Developed: Tired of scrolling through Facebook looking at old memories of you and your boo? Create new memories with the help of an old camera. The thrill of getting your film developed is even more exciting when your significant other sends you the roll. Finish a roll of film and snail mail it to your boo so he/she can develop it where they are living. You never know what you might get ;) (Photo via Urban Outfitters)

2. Cook Together: Cooking for one can feel lonely, especially if your love is in another state. Set up a Skype date on a whole other level by cooking the same meal together in the each others’ homes. Both of you can enjoy each others’ company while cooking your favorite meal. Bonus: fewer dishes to wash when the table is set for one. Bon Appétit!

3. Watch a Movie Through Webcam: When you can let your babe simultaneously view your screen on your computer, it means that you guys can have Netflix night together again. Grab a bottle of wine and ice cream and binge watch your favorite show together through Skype.

4. Live Stream Events Together: The major bummer about long-distance relationships is not being able to share the same experiences together. Well, thanks to live stream, you can take your love to a concert and enjoy the event at the same time. Don’t be afraid to get all dressed up for your virtual date night out either.

5. Unexpected Love Notes: Right before you part with the love of your life, secretly leave a few love notes in places that you know they’ll find them. It’s always a nice surprise to find intimate hand-written letters from the one you love (cue that awww sound). (via You Are My Fave)

6. Go to the Actual Movies Together: Date night doesn’t have to be only from the comfort of your home in front of computer. Next time, take your significant other on an old-fashion date by going to a movie theatre and viewing a movie at the same time. Afterwards, call your significant other to discuss the movie you just saw.

7. Play Phone Games: Remember when talking for hours on the phone was cool? Well, get going by playing some phone games with your mate. Whether it’s 21 Questions or Would You Rather, you will be getting to know your partner just a little bit more. Remember, communication is key when you are in a long-distance relationship. So dial that number and get to talkin’.

8. Send Them a Playlist: Remember when you were younger and your crush would make you a mixtape? Do that exact same thing for your current love, because music is a great way to serenade your loved one, even when they are thousands of miles away.

9. Mail a Scavenger Hunt: Send your love on an adventure by mailing them a scavenger hunt. It can be of places you both have been to, or somewhere your significant other always talked about wanting to go. Live stream with them if you want to be part of their adventure. (via Paper & Stitch)

10. Surprise Deliveries: When is it nice to come home to a surprise from your main squeeze? Uh, always. Send something sweet that reminds you of the two of you. If you don’t have the money to buy something, try creating something from scratch to send instead. (Photo via Society6)

11. Work Out Together: Influence each other by working out together at home. Set up your own workout or watch a YouTube routine simultaneously to get that blood pumping. Because couples that work out together stay together, right? (Photos via Wello)

12. DL a Couples’ App: Don’t let distance hinder your love from blooming. Download Couple to notify your babe privately whenever and wherever. Create a digital scrapbook with your loved one by sharing photos, sketches and messages all through one app. Couple allows you to connect with your loved one in a whole new way when the distance feels just too far. (Free on IOS and Android)

13. Meet Up at a New Destination Together: You live in Boston, he or she lives in Seattle. Why not meet up in New Orleans? Create a new experience for you both by meeting up in a new destination. Even if it’s just for the weekend, make the effort to see each other whenever you can.

How do you keep the love alive in your long-distance relationship? Tell us in the comments below!