It was Kermit who said “It’s not easy being green,” and we have to wonder: Have any truer words ever been spoken? Of course, the beloved amphibian was lamenting his frog-ness, but the same unfortunately holds true for the plants in our apartments. We love the way greenery gives life to a room, purifies the air and adds that dope Scandinavian aesthetic everyone’s after. But if you’re living in an apartment with little light or travel often so constant watering isn’t feasible, having plants is next to impossible! That’s why we’ve rounded up 10 of the most independent, hardy plants on this green Earth that’ll keep your apartment looking fresh, all with little work on your end.


spider plant

1. Spider Plant: You basically have to try to kill a spider plant, they’re so easy to care for. Keep the soil moist and give this quick grower light to moderate sun for it to flourish. Thriving spider plants will propagate “spiderettes,” which are mini offshoots that you can repot and feel like a total #plantboss.

Zamioculcas plant

2. ZZ Plant: The ZZ plant’s waxy, shiny leaves make it look extra healthy, no matter what. Thankfully, actually keeping it that way isn’t hard to do: It requires low light and little watering. Seriously, if you give it too much light, the leaves will scald, and if you overwater it, it’ll drown.

Monstera plant

3. Split-Leaf Philodendron: Not only does this tropical beauty thrive in low light (and with little attention), it’s also replaced the fiddle-leaf fig with Insta It Girls for most coveted indoor plant — get ready for your likes to blow up! They grow quickly, so it’s best to cut the longer stems at the base to keep it from getting OOC. Pro tip: Those cut stems will keep for weeks in a small vase of clean water.

A couple of yucca house plants in a single white pot

4. Yucca Cane Plant: These are great for awkward corners that need to be filled, since they grow tall and quickly. It prefers indirect sunlight. Wait for the soil to dry before watering your yucca cane plant again.

Pachira pots

5. Money Tree Plant: Money tree plants are considered good luck and are thought to bring prosperity, which makes them excellent housewarming gifts. Plus, they require low light, once-weekly watering and no pruning. Sort of like the perfect houseguest!


Jade and lucky bamboo

6. Jade Plant: Give your jade plant plenty of sunlight, keep the soil moderately dry and fertilize it twice a year, and this lucky guy will live happily ever after with you.

aloe vera

7. Aloe Plant: You can leave your aloe plant to fend for itself during your entire two-week vacation to Miami, but the minute you get back home with a sunburn, it’s there to soothe your irritated skin. Keep it in indirect sunlight, and make sure the soil is dry and crumbly before you water it again.

Sansevieria trifasciata snake plant

8. Snake Plant: Let your snake plant soil dry out between waterings and keep it in indirect sunlight so it can thrive. These popular plants are perfect for your desk, bookcase or bar cart.

rubber plant

9. Rubber Plant: Keep your rubber plant in bright, indirect sunlight and moist soil for it to thrive. Also be sure to wipe down its leaves every couple of weeks; dust can inhibit its ability to absorb crucial sun rays.

Air Plants on white background

10. Air Plants: Air plants need so little care, you don’t even have to pot them in soil. The succulents will often get as much moisture as they need just by pulling it out of the air (hence the name). If you live in a particularly dry climate, just mist them once a week to keep ’em alive.

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