You know that happy little leprechaun? We’re not fans, mainly because he’s after our Lucky Charms. When we’re not making it into delectable Rice Krispie treats or transforming it into cupcakes, we’re straight up munching on it by the handful. Wait, did we just admit to that? Yes. Yes we did. Whether you are spooning yourself an extra bowl right now to celebrate Pride with a rainbow in the AM or using all the luck for your favorite World Cup team, these Lucky Charms recipes will be right up your alley. Or — should we say… rainbow?!

1. Rainbow Dessert Shooters: If a rainbow in a glass doesn’t brighten your day, your heart might be made of stone. These dessert shooters combine colored vanilla yogurt, whipped topping and Lucky Charms cereal for a playful twist on the end to a meal. (via Tablespoon)

2. Lucky Charms Cupcakes: If there’s one way to make a cupcake even better, it’s to top it with your favorite cereal. These cupcakes are made by soaking Lucky Charms in milk before whipping them into the batter, making it totally acceptable to snaffle a few at breakfast time. (via The Novice Chef)

3. Kettle Popcorn: If you love the marshmallows in Lucky Charms more than the cereal itself, then a bucket full of this kettle corn is the perfect movie night treat. (via A Night Owl Blog)

4. Ice Cream Sandwiches: It seems as though you can make ice cream sandwiches out of almost anything these days (yay for the Internet!), and these cereal-based frosty favorites make us want to eat ice cream for breakfast. That’s okay, right? (via The Kitchn)

5. Magic Bars: There’s a reason these bars have the word “magic” in their name and it’s not just because they’re stuffed with Lucky Charms. The combo of coconut, marshmallows and white chocolate is like something a magician conjured up. (via Lemon Tree Dwelling)

6. Rainbow Sandwich Cookies: Here we are with the sandwich cookies again, except these won’t drip down your fingers. Stuffed with marshmallow creme, they’ll leave you feeling like you’ve just found a pot of gold. (via Taste Seekers Kitchen)

7. White Chocolate Lucky Charms Treats: Taking Rice Krispie treats to a new level, these gooey sweet squares are packed with white chocolate, marshmallows and cereal. Bonus: They taste so much better than the ready-packed version at the store. (via Sally’s Baking Addiction)

8. Boozy Milkshakes With Marshmallow Frosting: It’s always five o’clock somewhere, right? That’s what we’ll be telling ourselves as we slurp on these ice cream milkshakes spiked with vodka. (via How Sweet Eats)

9. Lucky Charms Blizzard: Continuing on with the frosty theme, this take on the Dairy Queen classic may not be good for the waistline, but it will rescue you from any heatwave with its fun sprinkles and colorful marshmallows. (via Sweet Treats and More)

10. Rainbow Chex Mix: If you love to dip your hand in the cereal box every time you find yourself in the kitchen, why not kick snack time up a notch by covering it in white chocolate and sprinkles? You’ll thank us for it later. (via Tablespoon)

11. Magic Munch: Puppy chow is so last year. This munchable snack will keep you surprised as you bite into pop rocks, M&Ms, cereal and peanuts! (via Bakerella)

12. Top o’ the Mornin’ Pancakes: If leprechauns ate pancakes, we’re pretty sure this is what they’d look like. They may not give you the luck of the Irish, but they’ll set you up for the day with a smile on your face (and a full stomach). (via Betty Crocker)

13. Lucky Charms Cookies: You can’t go wrong with a combination of cookie and marshmallow. We’re pretty sure it’s a proven scientific fact. These sugar cookies will make you feel lucky just for having tasted their deliciousness. (via Pillsbury)

14. Lucky Charms Bark: We’re noticing a theme here: Lucky Charms taste amazing when coupled with white chocolate. Lots of white chocolate. Is anyone else drooling? (via Life With The Crust Cut Off)

15. Irish Style Dirt Cake: This is the kind of dirt cake we can get behind. Spiked with Irish cream liqueur, this fun dessert combines white chocolate pudding, yogurt and whipped topping. (via Tablespoon)

16. Gluten-Free Vegan Lucky Charms: Creating our own marshmallow shapes = endless possibilities. Plus, this dish is gluten, egg and dairy-free, making it so much better that the boxed variety. (via Fork and Beans)

17. Lucky Charms Ice Cream: You may have been smashing your cereal marshmallows into ice cream for a long time, but this recipe is the real deal. The big kid in you will be very happy. (via Noble Pig)

18. No Bake Ice Box Pie: For a party dessert with a difference, serve up this ice box pie made with cream cheese and marshmallow fluff. Kids old and young won’t be able to resist a slice. (via Slow Roasted Italian)

19. Lucky Russians: We may be sophisticated women, but that doesn’t mean that our cocktails can’t have an element of fun. We’re sure TheBig Lebowski would have been on board with these creamy cupfuls. (via Brit + Co.)

20. Lucky Charms Macarons: What do you get when you combine ground Lucky Charms and cereal milk, butter and cream? Little bites of awesomeness, that’s what. (via Bring Her Coffee or Tea)

Have these recipes “charmed” you to be more creative with your morning bowl of cereal? Tell us what creative recipes you’ve made using Lucky Charms for in the comments below!