Patterns on patterns on patterns. Colors on colors on colors. We are completely in love with this visual party.

Created by stylist, designer and generally amazing creative person Lula Aldunate, these mesmerizing mandalas are a combination of vintage fabrics and china that she just happens to have on hand for styling. Imagine just happening to have such rich hues and patterns just lying around your studio. #dreams

Aside from these meditations on color and pattern, Lula is a woman of many creative talents. She creates visual experiences and products that incorporate a mix of her geographical history. Born and raised in Buenos Aires, everything she creates has a sense of vivid Latin American spirit that clearly comes through. Add to that her time spent in Italy and Spain during her ’20s, and you see a sense of what she describes as traditional European charm. Wherever this magical combo comes from — we love it!

Lula describes herself as a crafter and a lover of flea markets, quirky details, colors and prints. Hmm, that sounds familiar! ;)

See more about the creative force that is Lula at Lulaland. (h/t to Honestly WTF for finding this incredible series.)

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