When it comes to trying to get your baby to sleep, there’s nothing better than an easy routine to help both tired babies and mamas get through bedtime faster. One simple way of starting and keeping a baby’s bedtime ritual is to sing or play the same lullaby each night. And the best part is, lullabies don’t have to be tricky. You don’t even have to sing! To get you started, here are five lullabies you can use to help ease your baby into dreamland.

sleeping baby


1. “Blackbird”: Easy lyrics to learn and a vocal range for beginners, this song is short, sweet and easy to repeat if those little eyes aren’t shutting right away. Get the lyrics to “Blackbird” here.

2. “You are My Sunshine”: This song’s lyrics are bittersweet, but it remains a classic that is sung for children everywhere. Edit the lyrics or learn the whole thing; either way, the melody is a sweet and simple tune to lull your baby to sleep. Even better, Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan recorded a version together that you can play for your baby too.

3. “You Can Close Your Eyes”: This James Taylor tune has crazy easy lyrics, an even easier melody for non-singers and no ominous undertones of cradles breaking or loved ones leaving.


4. “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”: The Judy Garland version is a great one to sing to your little one, but the Israel Kamakawiwo’Ole version is long, peaceful and perfect for setting on repeat until your sweet baby drifts off to sleep.

5. “Bach Cello Suite No 1″: The oldest classic on this list, this instrumental cello suite is rich, beautiful and completely soothing to babies and stressed-out mama’s alike. There’s the classic solo version as well as the one above, which ups the game with seven additional cellos.

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