We love you, Sephora, but when it comes to lipstick, MAC is hard to beat. Just last week they unveiled a magical upcoming collection of lipsticks that change with your mood, and now they’re back at it again, this time with 18 shades that will totally revitalize your summer beauty routine.

The newest collection is titled Blue Nectar and includes 12 bold lipstick shades and six Plushglasses (AKA MAC’s swanky version of lip gloss). While most of the colors are brand new, there are a few old favorites making an epic return. The colors Barbecue, Ablaze and Riot House are the three coming back in limited quantity for the summer.

While there are a number of colors you might expect to see in a summer collection (bright pink, some bold reds, a subtle nude, etc.), there are also some major surprises. Specifically, we’re pointing to the ultra-deep purple Lust Extract (pictured on the far right below) and the Rihanna-inspired lilac color Lured In.


The collection dropped online today and will be available in stores on June 9. At $21 a piece, buying the entire collection will definitely be a major splurge, but hey, your landlord won’t really mind if you skip a month’s rent, right?!

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(Photo via MAC)