Donuts are having a moment. First was Dominique Ansel’s famous “cronut,” then came rainbow donuts and now, please allow us to introduce you to your favorite new doughy hybrid: the macaronut. Combining macarons and – you guessed it – donuts, this killer combo is basically everything we ever wanted in a dessert food.

macaronut 1

With Macaron Day just around the corner (March 20 – mark your calendars, peeps), NYC pastry chef Francois Payard has created a macaron donut, which is essentially a GIANT macaron that has been created in that classic donut shape and stuffed with a delicious cream filling. Francois will offer the genius creation at his various NYC bakeries on Macaron Day in a strawberries and cream flavor.

macaronut 2

Francois has teased the new hybrid food on his Instagram with these drool-worthy snaps calling it, “the perfect combination of Parisian Macaron and the traditional New York Donut.” If you want to get your hands on one of these, head over to see which of Francois’ various NYC bakery locations you’ll have to stand in line at. Because let’s be honest, you’re definitely going to have to wait in line.

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(Photos via @francoispayard)