Madonna Apparently Can’t Convince FedEx She’s Madonna
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Madonna Apparently Can’t Convince FedEx She’s Madonna

Madonna is one of the most famous people on the planet, but apparently that doesn’t matter when you’re trying to get a package from FedEx. The singer took to her Twitter account this morning to share her frustration over what is apparently an ongoing battle with the shipping company to convince them that she is who she says she is. Don’t they know, b*tch, she’s Madonna?

Posting an irritated selfie, Madge captioned her pic, “When you’ve been arguing with fed-ex [sic] all week that you really are Madonna and they still won’t release your package. #b*tchplease”

She didn’t offer any further details, but someone at the company tried to help by replying to the singer’s post. “Hi, this is Julie,” the tweet read. “I would like to help. Please DM your delivery address, tracking & phone numbers.” That prompted one fan of the singer to quip, “Nice try, Julie.”

Of course, Julie wasn’t the only person to respond to Madonna’s highly relatable trouble with the delivery service.

We’ll be watching Madonna’s Twitter for updates, but keep your fingers crossed that someone at FedEx figures out their mistake and gives the megastar her package.

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