With golden arches and Double-Doubles around every corner in America, that next craving can mean piling up on trans fats. These fats don’t make us feel full for long, so you can probably imagine how dangerous this perpetuating cycle of eat and repeat can be. Thankfully, the cycle can be broken. The FDA has approved of EnteroMedics’ appetite controlling device called the Maestro System.


The Maestro System is a device that is surgically placed under the abdomen, then sends electrical pulses that block hunger signals and send frequent fullness signals. The electrical pulses are sent via the vagus nerve, which facilitates communication between the digestive system and the brain. Because the digestive system lets the brain know you’re hungry through the vagus nerve, taking control of that nerve naturally controls your appetite. EnteroMedics claims this method is a way to safely lose weight gradually because users will feel less hungry, will not feel the need to eat as much and will feel full longer in between meals.


Although the FDA has approved the Maestro System, EnteroMedics is still required to conduct a five-year study to take note of any side effects and health issues. The FDA is also curious as to whether or not this device will be a viable option to reduce obesity in America. The Maestro System will be offered in specialized clinics to those who have a BMI between 35 and 45 along with at least one obesity-related condition, such as coronary heart disease or breast cancer.

It’s apparent that this device will not end obesity altogether, but it sure does seem like a great option to add to the fight.

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(h/t NBC News, photos via MultiVu)