Your social media presence can say a lot about you. Your Instagram can show the world the kind of fashion you dig and your Twitter can advertise what music you’re obsessed with or what feminist principles you misunderstand (what’s good, Taylor?). But did you know that your Facebook can reveal so much about who you are as a person that even a computer could guess?


Magic Sauce is an app invented by the University of Cambridge that analyzes your FB data to make a “prediction of your psycho-demographic profile.” According to the website, it can be used for research as a way to “significantly expand the breadth and detail of measured and interesting variables,” or for business to better perform market research. But if you’re looking to kill some time with something a little too revealing, it can guess what kind of person you are based on what you like and dislike on the social media platform. I tried it and, I have to say, the results were mostly accurate.


It rounded my age up a scootch — just a few years from mid to late 20s — but I do talk a lot about wanting to go to bed at 10:30pm, so that could have something to do with it…


It guessed my other stats pretty well. Well done, Magic Sauce — I am easily stressed and emotional (OMG, who told you? Was it Sara? I’m always worried she hates me!). Hard to say how it guessed I was impulsive and spontaneous, but maybe that had to do with all my last-minute RSVPs to parties I decided that I wasn’t too tired for after all. As far as guessing that I’m liberal and artistic, maybe the app noticed all my links to Brit+Co content lately ;)


It nailed my political leanings, but strangely assumed I’m Catholic. Upon reviewing my profile, I realized that I do use the phrase “y’all need Jesus” an inordinate amount for an agnostic, but considering that I mostly use it to comment on gross fan fiction pairings, I at least feel secure in my spiritual identity.

All in all I’d give this app a 97% score in terms of accuracy and a 100% in terms of hilarity. Try it for yourself here!

Did it predict your intelligence as above average? Because it said I was average, and I’m kind of offended. Tell us in the comments!