Last week in our Make It Mini video series we showed you how to bring your fave text feature to life by baking teeny tiny emoji cookies. This week, Make It Mini goes full brunch-y with DIY mini rainbow pancakes — all you need is basic batter fixins, butter and a few BFFs to have your own colorful short(est)-stack party. Just bust out the not-so-mini mimosas for everyone and get to flipping.


We love this miniature take on a classic breakfast staple! Just combine pancake mix with milk and stir. Then add a little egg to bind the batter. Lastly, divide the mix into four bowls and add a drop of different food coloring to each batch.


Pour the mix into the tiny pan and let cook for a couple minutes, then flip and repeat! Before you know it, you’ll have your own adorable mini rainbow pancake stack. Be sure to top with a dollop of butter for maximum mini deliciousness. And don’t forget to add coffee to your not-so-mini a mimosa to round out everyone’s fave meal!


Still not quite sure how to pull off these mini pancakes? Watch the video below for a more detailed look at making your own, and tune in next Wednesday for some yummy holiday-inspired treats.

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