I’ve been plagued with the ultimate dilemma: I’m always on the prowl for the perfect clutch but am THE pickiest when it comes to shopping for accessories. With fall well underway, I kicked my search for the right fall accessories into high gear. I just about gave up, until a recent shopping trip when I finally struck gold. Claire V. makes some seriously dreamy leather goods that you can pick up at our favorite shop to sign our paychecks away to, Anthropologie. Enter: the Anthro hack.


The Claire V. Dotty Pouch is the perfect mix of classic cognac leather and modern graphic print and will set you back a cool $215. Yikes! Instead of shelling out for the real deal, scour your local pocket-friendly thrift shop and tackle this DIY.


With a little patience and a copper pipe fitting hack you can make your very own graphic painted clutch.


Materials and Tools:

  • paint brush
  • leather paint (black and white)
  • 1-inch copper pipe fitting (or other cylindrical object)
  • leather clutch

Get your materials together and let’s get started!

*Maker’s note: I used a textured leather clutch, but I’d recommend using a smooth leather clutch. With textured leather, the leather paint seeps into the cracks and can be harder to control!


Center your first dot along the top edge of the clutch. Starting in the center makes it easier to evenly space the remaining dots (kind of like cutting a sheet cake into even pieces!). Use the copper fitting as a stencil, holding it down firmly and painting inside of the pipe.


Make four sets of dots, alternating between five and four. Carefully touch up any uneven edges and allow the paint to dry completely.


To create the graphic drop shadow look of the original Anthro clutch, paint a white dot slightly offset from a black dot using the same copper pipe technique.


Repeat this with the remaining dots and touch up any messy edges. Allow the clutch to dry overnight before using it.


This print is versatile enough to store all of your loose art supplies or take with you on a night out with the girls.


We’ve got a feeling this will be your new favorite bag.

What adventures are you taking your painted clutch on? Show us your project by tagging us on Instagram and using the hashtag #iamcreative!

DIY Production and Styling: Marianne Koo
Photography: Brittany Griffin