Oh, the holidays. So much delicious food, the best decorations ever and, sigh, a whole lot of tiring travel. Anjelika Temple here, Executive Creative Director at Brit + Co and holiday traveler extraordinaire. You think one or two Christmases is a lot? Try FIVE. For real. Ever since my husband and I moved to the west coast and started skipping family Thanksgiving, Christmas has become quite the east coast tour. We鈥檝e got five sets of parents and that doesn鈥檛 even cover the random cousin/aunt/friend-hosted dinners and lunches that end up making it into the mix. But guess what? This Christmas we鈥檙e taking a break from tour. We鈥檝e got a baby on the way and are taking some time to just be the two of us (before we鈥檙e three!).


In past years, we鈥檝e always gone for a holiday hike the weekend before we head east. This year, we鈥檙e dreaming up ways to take this a step further and bring the festivities into our home. We teamed up with Hallmark Gold Crown to share two ways to transform your space into a winter wonderland 鈥 you won鈥檛 ever need to leave the house! One option is all about hosting friends who are also staying local; and the other is maximum laziness for two, perfect for a gal who鈥檒l be seven months pregnant, AKA me :) Oh and bonus: You can get just about everything you see in this post at your local Hallmark Gold Crown store or online. #holidaywin



Hello, Friends-mas is obviously the new Friendsgiving! ;) We鈥檙e not the only ones staying local this holiday season, so we鈥檙e inviting our nearest (geographically) and dearest to partake in a holiday potluck. Set up a scene that鈥檚 equal parts traditional and casual 鈥 we鈥檝e all got the friend who might show up with a frozen box of pizza bites as well as the one who will design a *bespoke* holiday cocktail riddled with elderflower, thyme and more.


Stock Up On Classy Serveware: You鈥檒l want enough serving dishes, plates and bowls for your own homemade goodies but you also want to make sure you鈥檝e got places for your guests鈥 delicious goodies to go.


Sweets, Treats and Yummy Things to Eat: Without fail, people tend to forget to bring dessert to a potluck so we can recommend providing some bites that are easy to keep for a few days after. The right platter, like this Artisan Wood Serving Tray can make even a mismatched bunch of cookies, cakes and donuts look v fancy. We also adorned our bundt cake with a Red Berry Garland to give it a little extra color.


Pep Up Your Peppermint: Think beyond the candy cane ;)


Update Your Ornament Game: We love heirloom ornaments and basic baubles, but it鈥檚 a good idea to add a few new characters to your tree each year. (Our faves from Hallmark Gold Crown include: Pineapple Signature Ornament; Flamingo Signature Ornament; Pinata Navidena Ornament; Peppermint Swirl Christmas Cupcakes; Keepsake Kids Snowball the Polar Bear; Decorative Gold Glass Ball Ornament; Regional Mountain Lodge Ornament; Coffee Signature Ceramic Ornament; Mitten Cookie Cutter Ornament; and Winter Wonderland ornament.)


He鈥檚 a STAR: That husband of mine is a real star, don鈥檛 you think? It鈥檚 hard to find a star that doesn鈥檛 feel overly cheesy so we were pumped to come across this color-blocked topper!


Don鈥檛 Forget That Tree Skirt: Admittedly, I鈥檝e forgotten how essential a tree skirt is on more than one occasion. Thankfully, Hallmark Gold Crown has a stitched Poinsettia option (part of their Heritage Collection) that鈥檒l pretty up your tree in a jiffy.


Of course, it鈥檚 always handy to keep a stem of mistletoe at the ready ;)



Now that you鈥檝e hosted all your friends, you can sit back and let the laziness of holiday break set in. Revel in the comfort of your home, filled with cozy blankets and pillows 鈥 and let any stress about being productive or getting out of the house melt away. Take this time to enjoy your favorite person in the world, whether they鈥檙e your bestie or your boo.


Ho ho ho! Pile on Plenty of Pillows and Blankets: To make a true nest, you need to pile on lots of pillows and blankets, and pretty much any other cozy textile you can find. We started with a furry rug as the base and added a Cable Knit Throw Blanket; Cable Knit Pillow; and Woodland Santa Pillow.


Hot Cocoa, Cookies and Candy Canes: You鈥檙e going to need sustenance to get through a day (or week) spent lazing around. We stocked up on Frosty Friends Double Chocolate Cocoa Mix and picked up a matching Mug Set, Snowflake Mug and Woodland Santa Mug to seal the deal.


Did we mention鈥 COOKIES?!: Sugar cookies, chocolate chip cookies and ginger snaps for a little sass.


Don鈥檛 Forget a Festive Dog Bowl: Technically this is a candy dish but we think it makes a perfectly cute water bowl for Turkey Temple.


Set Up a Faux Fire: Okay, maybe those LED string lights aren鈥檛 actually going to make your hands warm, but the effect is still pretty darn heartwarming.


Keep Your Toesies Warm with Seasonal Socks: Who doesn鈥檛 love Christmas socks? I know I get them in my stocking every year and this year will be *no* exception. For my husband David, I gave him a pair of Not on the Naughty List Toe of a Kind Socks.


And there you have it. Two cheers for staying in!


A whole sleigh full of presents? Yes please.


No day spent snuggling is complete without a sneak attack from your resident pup.


FEED THE BABY! At least that鈥檚 what I鈥檒l tell myself when I鈥檓 on my fifth cookie鈥 ;)

Author: Anjelika Temple
Styling and DIY Production: Irene Lee
Photography: Chris Andre
Modeling: Anjelika, David and Turkey Temple