Admitting the end of a relationship is seldom easy. Regardless of how tumultuous the final days of your time with ex-bae have been, it’s not a good feeling to let go of the better memories you’ve shared or the possibility of what might have been if things hadn’t turned sour. And if a breakup itself wasn’t already hard enough, the end of a partnership typically leaves in its wake a variety of material items that need to find a new home. A closet full of a former S.O.’s sweatshirts or a book they were reading still on your nightstand are hardly going to do anything to dull the pain of your recent heartbreak.

A woman and man pack sweaters into a box

The logistics of handing this stuff can feel awkward, though. Should your ex come to you, or is it better for you to pack things up and bring a box to their place? Are you ready to be on speaking terms? Do they even want these belongings enough to risk the uncomfortable vibes? Is it acceptable to keep just one thing as a memento of the time you shared? There are so many questions, and these objects have so many feelings attached to them.

They might not be able to address your feelings, but full-service storage solution MakeSpace and media company Mschf recently launched ExBox to help tackle the logistical side of things. The service exists to physically remove from your home anything that reminds you of your former relationship. All of the items are then placed in a storage facility so you can figure out what to do with them when you’re feeling a bit more emotionally ready. Throughout the online sign-up process, users get to answer questions about how terrible their ex was and discounts are applied accordingly. (And you thought you didn’t get anything out of the relationship!) If you’re not ready to outsource this process, we understand. Going through your ex’s belongings might help you get some of the closure you’ve been looking for or at least give your apartment the deep cleaning it needs. Assuming you’re ready to take this project on yourself, we have some tips from the MakeSpace team to help you simplify it.

Signs It’s Time to Clean House

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1. Too many things in your home remind you of the relationship. If you can’t walk into a room without thinking of what (or who) you’ve loved and lost, then you need to make some serious changes. It’s important to grieve the end of a relationship, but only you know when you’ve had enough. When your entire home has become a shrine to your former flame, it’s time to let go of some things.

2. You’re dating someone new. You’re back on dating apps and have been seeing a few people with lots of potential… but keep coming back to your ex. Have you considered the fact that it might have something to do with all of their stuff that you still have at home? Get it out of there!

3. It’s almost cuffing season. ICYMI, the end of summer also marks the beginning of cuffing season — the period throughout fall and winter when singles are especially antsy to get into a serious relationship. Cleaning out your ex’s belongings marks a transition, and you might as well tackle it at the start of a new season.

Perspective to Help the Transition

A couple discusses redecorating a room

1. You’re redesigning your home. Remove the emotion that comes with anything related to your ex. Instead, think of it as an opportunity to organize your closets and redecorate.

2. You’re opening up mental space for yourself. A less cluttered space might be just what you need in order to finish processing what you’ve recently experienced.

3. It’s only temporary. Going on a rampage and clearing out your ex’s clutter doesn’t have to require garbage bags. Instead, you can store items temporarily, buying yourself a little more time to figure out what to do and to talk to your former partner about what they’d like to do. (This is, after all, the ExBox model!)

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