As an adult, you’re always a little nostalgic about the TV shows of your youth. One Instagram makeup pro is helping folks revisit their childhoods with beauty products. Makeup artist Gabriela Greer has been creating eye art inspired by your favorite Disney and Nickelodeon programs — and it’s so good. Check it out below!

1. Kim Possible: We hope you have your Kimmunicator handy, because you’re gonna want to tell your pals about this one. That green and blue combo would be recognizable anywhere.

2. Fairly Odd Parents: The colors on this one are magical enough, but the little crown and star are really the icing on the cake. Almost makes you feel like you’re in Fairy World.

3. Lizzie McGuire: The pink cloud is enough to make you reminisce hardcore about the days when Hilary Duff and her cartoon alter ego waltzed across your screen. Bonus points go to Greer for the little flower in the corner.

4. Hannah Montana: This purple and gold masterpiece is really the best of both worlds. Both Hannah and Miley Stewart would approve.

5. Wizards of Waverly Place: You can’t be entirely sure Greer didn’t use magic to do this one, because she pretty much nailed the bricks and rainbow border of the show’s logo.

6. iCarly: With a look this bold, you can bet she’d look good on her own internet show. Take that, Carly.

7. Drake & Josh: A TV show listicle like this wouldn’t be complete without everyone’s favorite brotherly duo (well, maybe second only to Zack and Cody). Those colors might just get along better than Drake and Josh.

What do you think of Greer’s work? Have you seen any inspiring makeup art lately? Tell us @BritandCo!

(h/t HelloGiggles, photos via Gabriela Greer/Instagram, Disney Channel, Nickelodeon)