You know we鈥檝e got your back when it comes to makeup hacks 鈥 that鈥檚 why we put lipgloss in our hair or use coconut oil to set our聽highlighter. But every now and then, it is a good idea to get back to basics and clear up some pesky rumors running rampant in the world of beauty. Sometimes, we wonder if the makeup truths we believe are actually, well, true. For example, it鈥檚 a well-known fact that you should throw out your mascara after three months, right? Hmmm. We did some digging to find out which makeup rules we actually need to adhere to and which we can toss out with our expired foundation. Scroll down to learn what is fact and what is fiction.

Introducing the One-Ingredient Facial!

1. Facial wipes remove your makeup and cleanse your face: This is 100% false. Makeup wipes can only do so much, especially if you鈥檙e wearing heavier makeup. Start with a wipe, but follow it up with a foaming cleanser to ensure that you properly remove all of the dirt, oil and makeup that have caked your skin during the day. Sidestepping a final cleanse can leave residue in your pores and cause breakouts and buildup. Eek. (Photo via Getty)


2. Test out foundation shades on your wrist and in the daylight: This is false. The skin on your wrist is generally lighter than on most other parts of our bodies, including the face. Variations in undertones, redness and brilliance are just a few of the differences between your face and the rest of your body. It鈥檚 best to preview formulas where you鈥檒l be wearing them: the face. Make sure you also give it a go in different lighting. This won鈥檛 be possible at the makeup counter, of course, but you can always ask for a sample to take for the road. Try foundation out in natural sunlight, in your home and at night. This will give you a clearer picture of just how effective the formula is in every environment. Believe us 鈥 it鈥檚 worth the hassle.


3. Pumping your mascara wand ruins your mascara: Sorry friends, but this one鈥檚 true. Pumping the wand in your mascara tube invites extra air and bacteria into the tube. Bacteria is not something you want in your eye makeup unless you鈥檙e looking for an eye infection and a doctor鈥檚 visit 鈥 trust us.


4. Dry shampoo damages your hair: This one is a bit tricky, because it can be true, but only to a certain extent. If you鈥檙e using dry shampoo multiple times a week, it鈥檚 probably best that you cut back. Dry shampoo can damage your hair and scalp because it doesn鈥檛 get rid of dirt, oil and buildup on the scalp 鈥 it just masks it. It鈥檚 obviously a good temporary fix, but be careful not to make it a regular part of your hair routine, otherwise you risk creating more buildup and dullness on your tresses. That鈥檚 not a good look.


5. Lip glosses and balms don鈥檛 expire: False. We often think that, because our lip products are billed as 鈥渓ong-lasting,鈥 they don鈥檛 expire 鈥 but just like all of our other makeup, they do. These babies should actually be replaced every six months. So next time you find that Chapstick you lost three years ago, you might want to just toss it.


6. Blush and powder makeup can last 1-2 years: This is true, but make sure to adhere to the expiration date if there is one listed on the bottle. Makeup that isn鈥檛 going near the eyes usually lasts longer because there鈥檚 less risk of it causing infection. This is welcome news, as these products can be on the pricier side of our beauty arsenal.


7. You should apply concealer before foundation: Definitely false. Let鈥檚 be real: Concealer isn鈥檛 cheap, especially if you want the good stuff. When we apply concealer before foundation, we end up using a lot of product 鈥 in fact, we end up using way more than needed. It鈥檚 better to apply concealer after foundation 鈥 that way, the foundation has already evened out the skin and covered up some of the dark spots. Lightly apply concealer to the spots that need extra coverage afterward and you will notice a clear difference in your overall appearance. You end up saving product and getting more bang for your buck.

Shaping them to perfection

8. You should never tweeze above the eyebrow: This one鈥檚 false. Tweezing above your eyebrows won鈥檛 ruin its shape 鈥 it鈥檒l enhance it. In fact, refusing to tweeze above the brow can leave you with straggling hairs and an unkempt look that can undo all the careful tweezing action below the brow. Don鈥檛 let your fear of over-tweezing stop you from achieving the best shape possible for your brows. (Photo via Getty)


9. You should replace your deodorant every six months: This is false. Deodorant can actually last up to three years and still do its job. Interestingly enough, studies have shown that not everyone needs to use deodorant. A gene actually determines who stinks and who doesn鈥檛. One scientist claimed that you can tell by the thickness and color of your earwax if you鈥檒l need to swipe on the antiperspirant. Turns out if you have wet, dark earwax, unfortunately, you might stink a little. If you have flaky, dry earwax, you might be able to pass on it. Better swipe some on just to be safe, no matter what your DNA suggests.


10. Replace your mascara every three months: Unfortunately, this myth is false. Mascara should be replaced closer to every 6-8 weeks. The shorter shelf life on mascara is only to ensure your health and safety. Eye makeup in general should be changed out more frequently to avoid previously mentioned unwanted infections. Maybe it鈥檚 time to throw out all those mascara tubes you鈥檝e been hoarding 鈥 better safe than sorry!

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