Mason jars. Why do we love them so? It’s not just nostalgia for a simpler time, when everyone made everything from scratch with their own two hands, though that is part of their appeal. It is that they are so inexpensive and so versatile, lending themselves to many crafty applications. Here are, quite literally, 100 things that you can do with mason jars.

Created and patented in 1858 by John Landis Mason, a tinsmith, the ubiquitous glass jars were at one time essential household items. Our very survival depended on our ability to preserve the fruits (and vegetables) of summer and fall, if we were to get adequate nutrition through the dead of winter. Canning was synonymous with preserving. That’s why jams and other fruit spreads are often called “preserves.”

Long before the jars became the ironic vessel of choice for trendy bars and restaurants, we were seeing them at DIY weddings, holding everything from cocktails to flowers to party favors, as in this sweet country wedding. These days we are as likely to see a mason jar holding a cold-brew coffee, flower bouquet or even a lightbulb as we are canned peaches. Scroll through Pinterest, Instagram and Etsy, and you’ll see nearly endless examples of mason-jar inspiration. If you want to get up close with one, just stroll through your grocery store. The jars are being used now to package everything from organic salsa to kimchi to SunSelect tomatoes, and more. That’s great news for us crafters. Nothing we like more than an endless supply of soon-to-be free empty jars to repurpose.

Need more inspiration? Here are 56 additional ways to repurpose a mason jar!

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